Dreamy paradise island and exciting cities where to go for the best winter tropical getaways 


With its hundreds of islands covered by tropical forest directly falling down in one of the most crystalline seas of the globe, Palau, micro-nation located in the middle of Pacific Ocean, is a true paradise for snorkeling lovers. The bio-marine diversity that’s present in its water has brought UNESCO to include Palau among its Heritage sites. The main activities here are snorkeling, scuba diving or trekking in the tropical forests of the northern islands. The best experience? Definitely to swim among thousands of jellyfishes ( obviously not urticant) in the Jellyfish Lake on El Malk island. Owing to his location on the Equator, Palau has a constant climate in every season and it can be so visited all year long. The best way to visit Palau is by cruise: there is a plenty of local and international tour operators organizing both private and group cruises. 


Miami is the perfect destination for those looking for beaches, sun but also comfort and nightlife. This city is indeed one of the American’s favorite tropical getaways in the US. There’s definitely not lack of activities from boat tours, to naturalistic visits to Everglades Park where to do crocodiles and birds watching, to beach relax and great restaurants and nightlife. A walk in the New Design District, where to walk through emerging designers boutiques,  is a must for everybody as well as a tour of Wynwood, new art district of the city. From 3rd to 6th December Art Basel Miami, one of the most important art fairs in the world,  will take place in the city that will host many parties and events. Three addresses not to miss while visiting: Casa Tua Hotel (1700 James Avenue. Miami Beach, FL), double bedroom from 400$ per night, Byblos Restaurant (1545 Collins Avenue. Miami Beach, FL), Soho Beach House (4385 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL).


During Boreal Emisphere winter in Brazil is summer, with high but bearable temperatures. Moreover in this period, after Soccer World Cup and just before Olympics Games, Rio is a ferment of vitality and international good vibes. Truly the place to be for the coming winter. To discover the best addresses in Rio, read Here our complete city guide. In february will take place the grand Rio Carnival and, in spite of the confusion of the event, to see once this iconic happening could be a valid excuse to go to Rio.  


El Nido is a sort of Pardise on hearth. Tourism is however increasing in this dream destination and it’s so better to go before the magic heaven atmosphere will pass away forever. To know more about El Nido read here our complete guide


To talk about Socotra without the help of picture is barely impossible. The marvel of those white coast deserts, of that sour and wild nature, and of that incredible bio-diversity is hard to conceive only by words. Socotra is one of the few places in heart to impress everybody. Located in the middle of Indian Ocean, this island is terribly difficult to reach and this helped its conservation. There are a few hotel structures and they are all low category but to sleep in beach camps under the big stars of the yemenite night is part of the adventure. The best period to go to Socotra is between February and April. A weekly flight from San’a, Yemen capital, is the only way to get here. Te flight can often be delayed of a couple of days so you need to be flexible while organizing this trip. 


Koh Phangan, in Thailand, is known for its azure sea, its beaches but most of all for the rave party that takes place every month during the night of the full moon. This Full Moon Party is the hangout of backpacker and raver from all over the world and it’s something to try once in the life. Thousands of people on the beach, music, jugglers and great fun. Maybe you’ll than need a few days to recover the hangover but in Koh Phangan there’s not lack of beaches where to rest. If you want to make a present to yourself take on of the pool villas in Santhiya Koh Phangan Spa and Resort and you’ll feel a king.


Bijagos Islands is a group of 88 islands located off Guinea-Bissau coast. They were included in UNESCO world heritage sites and they have two big national parks where to admire hippopotamuses and crocodiles. About 20 islands are inhabited while the others are desert islands. Today they are one of the main eco-chic paradises on heart where tourism developed in an eco-friendly way. You can rich them only by sea form the Guinea-Bissau city of Bandim. Tourism is barely absent, beaches are marvelous and you’ll enjoy complete relax. From 3 to 10 February the Tribal Carnival goes on scene: with its colors and its tradition it could be an interesting excuse to go to Bijagos Islands. 


In spite of the difficulties to reach them (more info on www.andamans.gov.in) a journey to Andamans Island, located between India and Myanmar in Bengala Gulf, is a great choice to have on of the best tropical getaways ever. The islands are almost desert and there’s nothing but a few huts for the few tourists admitted every year, few beach restaurants and a sea so transparent to look invisible. Havelock is the main aslant and one of the few open to international tourists. The best moment to go is from December to March but the central month of january is the best in the best because of the turtle eggs disclosure, a spectacle of nature to enjoy. 



Maldives islands don’t need that many descriptions. More than 1200 islands, many of which inhabited and 100 of which hosting various categories structures. One of the most classic winter getaways that has never disappointed anybody. To spend a thoughtless week, to stay in one of the beautiful 5 stars resorts where to enjoy the beach, the sea, luxury spas, scuba diving and excursions to fantastic desert islands. 


The great number of activities that Belize offers to visitors goes from snorkeling to beach hopping, to visits of Mayan ruins, very interesting and way less crowded than the Mexican ones. Belize is an entire nation so there’s not lack of spots to go to. Our suggestion? go to the Great Blue Hole, a marine abyss created from the collapse of the vault of a calcareous undersea cave, that’s now an UNESCO site and a Marine National Park. A great idea could be to stay in the close and luxury Turneffe Island Resort, a private island just few miles off the Blue Hole.  

Words by Federico Sigali