Recharge on the Beach of La Malvarrosa

What to do in Valencia - La Malvarrosa

What to do in Valencia – La Malvarrosa

Valencia truly is a small town with a thousand faces. For sea lovers, a must-do is the beautiful beach in the La Malvarrosa district, easily accessible by subway. Its urban development has followed a particular course, linked to the growing interest of the inhabitants in buying the old fishermen settlements; at the same time, the Valencian bourgeois elite appreciates the climatic characteristics of the coast, and started building large and luxurious summer residences here. So, during summer, its golden sand attracts a multitude of Valencians and tourists, but even when it isn’t yet the time to take the “tan”, you can walk along the long boulevard that runs along the beach in total relaxation, enjoying the scent of the sea and stopping at one of the many coffee shops scattered along the way.

Special attention should be paid to the port of Valencia, not far away, where it’s possible to visit the famous structure set up for the America’s Cup of sailing.

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