The Overflowing Nature of the Jardín del Turia

What to do in Valencia - Jardín del Turia

What to do in Valencia – Jardín del Turia

Walking in the woods has always been relaxing and healthy. The Jardín del Turia is one of the largest urban natural park in Spain, a green space of over 9 kilometers that passes through the city, with recreational and sports areas, as well as romantic corners where couples love to get lost. After the umpteenth great flood of October 14, 1957 devastated the city, the Turia river bed, in the south of Valencia, was diverted, leaving an important strip of land that runs through the city from west to east and surrounding the historic center. Then the park was inaugurated in 1986.

Several urban planners and landscapers designed the various sections of the bed, re-proposing the ancient riverbed and creating a path populated by palm and orange trees, fountains and pines, aromatic plants and ponds, sports routes and rose gardens. Walking on a riverbed really gets your heart pumping, but it won’t be long before you are overwhelmed by the beauty of the park and forget everything else; this long tree-lined avenue makes Valencia one of the greenest cities in Europe today.

From the Parque de Cabecera to the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, the Jardín del Turia is an ideal route for running and cycling, for families and nature lovers. Unique in its own kind, crossed by 18 bridges with their centuries of history, it houses the main museums and monuments of the city on both banks. Being on the plain, you’ll be overwhelmed by a multitude of lovers of running, cyclists, Segways, and electric scooters. Suddenly, the green and the chirping of birds leaves room for the futuristic aspect of the city.

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