The writer Edmondo De Amicis said well. If you’re in Spain, you’ll be forever young. You’ll only think about enjoying the beautiful sky and landscapes. So, no one can be disappointed. And only few days are enough to be dazzled by the Valencian atmosphere; a truly “Great beauty”.

What to do in Valencia - Ciutat Vella

What to do in Valencia – Ciutat Vella

Valencia. A postcard to carry on the bottom of the soul.

The city that wants to look to the future.

Rich in art and traditions that drag the viewer into a whirlwind of emotions.

Everyone arriving in Valencia gets pleasantly struck: totally friendly, affordable, with many “faces”. Valencia represents that little heavenly feeling that everyone is looking for, where the fun and the cultural aspect will never cease to amaze.

This is the third largest city in Spain in terms of population, after Madrid and Barcelona. The city was founded by Romans in 138 BC, along the right bank of the Turia river, and experienced alternating phases of splendor under the Italian rule. Valencia truly boasts a long and interesting history: its influences derive from a variety of sources including Moors, Christians, and Romans, all of them reflected in its architecture and atmosphere. As soon as you arrive, you’ll feel driven by a strange curiosity.

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