The Restaurants: Botania and Ginkgo Sky Bar

VP Plaza España Design - The Restaurants

VP Plaza España Design – The Restaurants

A world suspended between nature and metropolis. That’s the leit motive of VP Plaza España’s food proposals, with both its restaurants playing between herbal innuendos and ultra-contemporary design.

The Botania presents itself as the encounter between two green universes: the public one, represented by the huge façade over the newly blooming Plaza de España, and the private one, incarnated by the internal patio where to enjoy an intimate dinner. The cuisine also thrives with natural allure: the international specialties have Asian cuisine hints, while the ingredients – rigorously seasonal – come from the nearest local and ports.

However, if you want to ditch intimacy and are looking for a place to see and be seen, the Ginkgo Sky Bar is where you should be. Located on the 12th floor terrace, the Ginkgo is one of the most loved and buzzed about rooftop bars of the entire city. With a 360 degrees view over Madrid, this 1000 square meters’ space will have you sipping an aperitif while almost touching some architectonical marvels such the Debod Temple and the Almudena Cathedral.

VP Plaza España Design - Gingko Sky Bar

VP Plaza España Design – Gingko Sky Bar

The Asian-Mediterranean fusion cuisine spans from grilled oysters to tempura, all to be paired by the hotels’ signature cocktails.

Yet the real gem of this suspended space is the external swimming pool with a transparent floor. The perfect set for making your Instagram followers envious with stunning pictures, all surrounded by huge panels with ginkgo biloba leaves.

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