Valtellina is a predominantly mountainous region in the northern part of Lombardia that extends from Lake Como to Switzerland. Not far from Milan and very close to the Swiss border, Valtellina is a land inhabited by simple people, rich in traditions and with wild nature. The numerous villages welcome visitors, allowing them to dive into the spirit of the past. Although mountains are the first thing that comes to mind when talking about the Alpine region, many other elements are bond to Valtellina’s territory.

Let’s Start from Food and Wine

Discover Valtellina - Bresaola

Discover Valtellina – Bresaola

The best way to discover this region, which is extremely rich in artistic, cultural and natural treasures, is to organize a 360° visit. Since this is a very broad area, there are some useful tips you can follow to get the most out of your trip.

First of all, you need to find a common thread for your tour. Enogastronomy is one of them, and it’s worth trying. Valtellina has indeed been able to propose its ancient recipes in a cutting-edge tourist offer. The food and wine itineraries in Valtellina are as numerous as the products that are part of its cultural identity. In addition to these itineraries, there are tours to farms and wineries where visitors have the opportunity to get in touch with the ethics of production and see the processing of the products.

Besides these proposals, several events are organized to raise awareness of the specialities of Valtellina’s cuisine in a cheerful atmosphere. Visitors flocking from the surrounding areas and coming even from further away have the chance to “live” this destination and to try a unique sensory experience. Territory and landscape serve not only as a simple background, but they’re directly touched and experienced.

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