Everyone knows it: when it comes to haute cuisine, Italy is the most envied land of all. World widely acclaimed for pasta, tomato sauce and Neapolitan pizza, Italy with its twenty regions ranges from the tastes of the sea to those of the mountains, delighting different palates that remain fascinated by the Bel Paese dishes. There is a region, right in the middle of Italy, that allows you to live an unforgettable taste experience: Umbria, which offers a variety of restaurants, bistros and trattorias to try, with traditional dishes – often revisited in a modern way – that will have you fall in love with the culinary culture of the oldest medieval villages in Italy.

Perugia: Torta al Testo, sushi and dessert

Umbria Food Guide - Ristorante Faliero

Umbria Food Guide – Ristorante Faliero

The Umbrian capital is famous for a speciality: Torta al Testo (seasoned flatbread). A simple and delicious white pizza crushed and stuffed with the best cold cuts of the region or with different types of seasoning. There is a place near Lake Trasimeno, the Ristorante Faliero, where chef Maria still cooks her torta by hand. It’s not by chance that it’s called: “The best torta of Perugia”. A story of water and flour that says it all of this trattoria with a lake view, where love for tradition is at home.

Ristorante Faliero

Voc. Case Sparse, 23/c, 06063 Montebuono PG, Italy

+39 075 847 6528

Umbria Food Guide - Il Vizio

Umbria Food Guide – Il Vizio

Lovers of Asian cuisine, especially Japanese, will not have any problems in Perugia. There is a place where sushi takes shape from Umbrian hands. Il Vizio Restaurant is the right choice for those who love sushi and want it prepared with passion on elegant and harmonious dishes.

Il Vizio

Via Bruno Buozzi, 06132 Perugia PG, Italy

+39 075 517 1722

Umbria Food Guide - Civico 25

Umbria Food Guide – Civico 25

Hidden among the palaces of the old town, between coloured walls and ancient streets, we find the Civico 25. A small and intimate restaurant where the real Umbrian cuisine takes shape. And don’t forget the special dessert: Ricotta mousse with very thin sheets and cinnamon pears sautéed with maraschino.

Civico 25

Via della Viola, 25, 06122 Perugia PG, Italy

+39 075 571 6376

A BIO brunch in Terni

Umbria Food Guide - Eggplant Parmigiana at MioBio

Umbria Food Guide – Eggplant Parmigiana at MioBio

Terni is the industrial city par excellence of the region, full of shops and bar. Here you can have a special brunch at MioBio, feasting with organic products directly picked from the field. MioBio is the right compromise for those who love quick but tasty lunches, colourful and completely organic. A must-have: the traditional eggplant parmigiana.


Via del Plebiscito, 15, 05100 Terni TR, Italy

+39 0744 088869

A main course in Orvieto

Umbria Food Guide - Osteria del Grillo

Umbria Food Guide – Osteria del Grillo

A touch of fantasy for the cuisine of the city of tuffs. In Orvieto, there is the Osteria del Grillo, where it is possible to taste fresh and artisanal products of the region. The menu offers a traditional Umbrian dish: Umbricelli alla norcina. A basic but delicious recipe that those who arrive in Umbria can’t avoid.

Osteria del Grillo

Via Sette Martiri, 7, 05018 Orvieto Scalo TR, Italy

+39 0763 393721

Cascia with saffron

Umbria Food Guide - Saffron

Umbria Food Guide – Saffron

Saffron flowers are a typical element of the Umbrian cuisine. In Cascia, an Umbrian place of worship, the Za’faran Bistrot lets these flowers express all their flavours. Try the local beef tartare with Cascia saffron flowers, accompanied by wood baked bread and truffle flakes.

Za’faran Bistrot

Piazza Garibaldi, snc, 06043 Cascia PG, Italy

+39 333 125 4797

Raw fish in Assisi

Umbria Food Guide - Raw fish at Il Vicoletto

Umbria Food Guide – Raw fish at Il Vicoletto

Umbria is not bathed by the sea, and yet it is full of restaurants that make its flavours their strength. There is an alley in Assisi where you’ll fall in love with the taste of the fish cooked with skill by the chef of Il Vicoletto. A selection of raw fish, prepared with elegance in the most characteristic alleys of Assisi, is your must-have.

Il Vicoletto

Vicolo Buscatti, 6/A, 06081 Assisi PG, Italy

+39 075 813620

Spoleto and the Strangozzi

Umbria Food Guide - Strangozzi alla spoletina

Umbria Food Guide – Strangozzi alla spoletina

Let’s go back to the pasta. In the dukedom par excellence of the region, there is no history that holds: Strangozzi alla spoletina must be tasted. At the Ristorante Sabatini, along Corso Mazzini in Spoleto, you can taste some delicious Strangozzi, a simple but delicious dish typical of the Umbrian region.

Giardino del Corso – Ristorante Sabatini

Corso G. Mazzini, 54, 06049 Spoleto PG, Italy

+39 0743 47230

Trevi and the truffle omelette

Umbria Food Guide - La Vecchia Posta

Umbria Food Guide – La Vecchia Posta

A breathtaking village, small and characteristic. An ingredient envied in the world: truffle. An inn, as small as the village where it was born. At La Vecchia Posta in Trevi, an omelette with truffles is the perfect start for a lunch or dinner in the green heart of Italy.

La Vecchia Posta

Piazza Mazzini, 14, 06039 Trevi PG, Italy

+39 393 901 0099

Foligno and quality meat

Umbria Food Guide - Osteria Dodici Rondini

Umbria Food Guide – Osteria Dodici Rondini

A tasty second course that reflects the tradition of fine meat, right at the most famous inn of the city of Quintana. At the Dodici Rondini, you’ll find a second course ideal for lovers of good meat: Sliced pork Capocollo with purple cabbage.

Osteria Dodici Rondini

Piazza XX Settembre, 06034 Foligno PG, Italy

+39 0742 352100