travel shoes: tell me where you go and I’ll tell you which to buy

The inveterate traveller knows it. The biggest mistake when traveling, what can ruin the entire holiday is not to have the appropriate shoes. Too heavy footwear when you are in a warm destination, too light when cold or too hard when you have to walk for hours could switch the so dreamed holiday into a real nightmare. 

When then, tough luck, those shoes are the only choice in the luggage, here you run for cover buying on site the most unlikely (and often horrible) shoes only to give the so precious comfort to your destroyed feet. 

There’s also a dark belief that travel shoes must be horrendous as evil in order to be technical, comfortable, climate suitable and so on. More ugly they are, more happily we buy them, thinking they’ll be the most perfect shoes to use during our upcoming travel. 

If you don’t want to be uncomfortable or, worse, unfashionable while traveling, follow our suggestions: #7 shoes for #7 destination and you’ll be the most chic in town.



In London it rains. I’s not an unbelievable revelation. So gear up for the eventuality. 

Travel shoes for HER: Rain boots, Valentino Garavani, 300 Euro.

Travel shoes for HIM: Jodhpur boots, Saxon, 50 Euro.


You can go to Jamaica for the azure sea and the sunny beaches or you can go for other reasons we don’t state here. But to be chic you can, and you must, always.

Travel shoes for HER: Los Angeles – Ethnic espadrillas, Manebì, 105 Euro

Travel shoes for HIM: Bolka, ViBi Venezia, 70 Euro


Riding camels, sleeping under the stars, resting under berber tends while drinking mint tea are great activities from which you’ll get great pictures for instagram. Don’t you want your face to be obscured from the ugliness of your technical shoes? These, timeless elegant, were made for the desert itself. Forbidden to wear other shoes. 

For HIM and HER: Desert Boots, Clarks, Price upon request


For ski lovers, doesn’t matter if in Gstaad or Ovindoli (tremendous italian destination), the only solution to have warm feet, not to risk to break the femur on a sheet of ice and to be admired for the elegance of their shoes is this one. 

Travel shoes for HIM: Avoriaz, Paraboot, 400 Euro. 

Travel shoes for HER: Avoriaz with Lapin fur, Paraboot, Price upon request


In Miami you walk. In Miami you dare. So this is the solution.

Travel shoes for HIM: Sneakers, Valentino Garavani, 470 Euro

Travel shoes for HER: Sneakers, Christian Louboutin, 725 Euro

Rio de Janeiro

In Rio de Janeiro you walk. But if in Rio de Janeiro you try to dare, you’ll get rubbed in a second. So comfortable and simple sneakers are the ideal. A touch of color will make you emerge out of the crowd walking in Ipanema. (here our complete guide of Rio de Janeiro).

Travel shoes for HIM: Roshe one, Nike, 140 Euro

Travel shoes for HER: Roshe one, Nike, 91 Euro


Comfort is the last problem when you are in Monaco. In fact there will always be you driver on you luxury car waiting for you outside. What? You don’t have a driver? And you want to go to Monaco? Come on don’t be silly. 

travel shoes for HER: Beatrix Sandals, Giuseppe Zanotti, 1950 Euro

Travel shoes for HIM: Salvador Patent Pumps, Ede and Ravenscroft, 300 Euro

Words by Federico Sigali