Green hills reflecting in clear waters, palm trees and blooming oleanders, forests and wild nature, remote villages in the far valleys, streams that flow violently through the rocks and waterfalls. Ticino is a unique land that offers breathtaking landscapes and views.

Ticino is the only Swiss canton where the first spoken language is Italian. It has always been considered a limbo between Nordic and Mediterranean culture, halfway between the Italian dolce vita and the relaxed and peaceful atmosphere that typically reigns in Switzerland. Thanks to its mild climate all year round, its Mediterranean vegetation, and to the fact that it is the sunniest canton, Ticino was defined as the “Sonnenstube” of Switzerland by German-speaking visitors.

The Germans can be considered the pioneers of tourism in Ticino. They were fascinated by the natural beauty of the landscapes and immediately understood the potential of the region.

Ticino gained a lot of popularity also thanks to the traces left by many important people who literally fell in love with this place and decided to stay. First and foremost, Hermann Hesse, who found his new place in Ticino after leaving his home country.

Although the canton enjoys idyllic views that make it an ideal tourist destination, it was only after the construction of the Gotthard tunnel that the real revolution began. Ticino was completely transformed from an isolated territory far from the rest of the confederation into an important hub and centre of transit between northern and southern Europe.
There are hundreds of ways to get to know Ticino. Here you will find some travel tips grouped by theme to discover the facets of this wonderful land.

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