For those who love to travel alone, there’s a world put there to discover. Here are the 15 best destinations for solo travel: safe, adventurous and with an irresistible beauty.

Solo travel might sound risky and with a good dose of boredom, but that’s so far from the truth! Organising a trip in blessed solitude has some great advantages and a peculiar charm.

A trip or a lonely holiday is one of the most exciting things you can do. You’ll test, discover and know new places, make friends with totally random people, recover your independence by focusing on your own passions; and above all, dissolve uncertainties and find the solution to the small or big problems that tangle within us.

After traveling alone, many people come back with the conviction that this is the best way to know the world and to know themselves better. An inner enrichment unthinkable before experiencing the thrill of solo travel.

Paraty in Brazil, a colonial pearl between two rivers


A commune in the state of Rio de Janeiro, an architectural jewel that seems to be suspended over time for having preserved in its historic center the typical image and atmosphere of the colonial period.

Paraty is rich in historic homes, renovated and converted into bed & breakfasts, local craft shops, restaurants and small museums. Behind it, mountains make the perfect backdrop, covered with the emerald green of the Amazon forest, full of parks and natural reserves. The crystalline sea is scattered by more than 60 islands and islets, with beaches accessible by trails or boats. An ideal destination for those who love adventure and sailing sports such as surfing, but also for culture-addicts thanks to many events. Among them, the Cachaça de Paraty Festival stands out, where typical products of the area are promoted.

Fiji Islands, the archipelago of colours


Inevitably, this group of islands can be considered a corner of paradise for honeymooners. But with 332 islands, even the most solitary traveler will find its perfect habitat. An ideal place to relax under the tropical sun and enjoy the spectacular sunsets that paint the Southern Pacific landscape with rainbow colours. For those who cannot stand under the sun for a long time, at just a few minutes from capital Suva you can explore trekking trails, satisfying your sense of nature. Sun, sunsets, palms and a heavenly sea: these are the Fiji. Additionally, if complete solitude should play some joke, remember that Fiji residents have a great sense of hospitality and brotherhood.

Seville, the elegant golden city of Andalusia


From the rich artistic and cultural heritage, left by the different kind of people who have lived it in history, comes a well-balanced mix of tradition and modernity. Seville is one of the most fascinating and characteristic cities of Andalusia, one of the 17 autonomous communities in Spain. Situated on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, this is a magical place that encloses within itself the most common iconography of Spain. Bullfights, bulls, dresses, shawls, typical fans and their way of communicating through women’s gestures; Flamenco’s passion, impressive palaces architecture, alleys to discover, colourful ceramics and typical meals. Seville is all this and much more.

Kyoto, Japan at its finest, where tradition and progress come together


The land of the rising sun, the land of dichotomy between past and future, is capable of fascinating all westerners. Yet a simple holiday is not enough to understand the multifaceted Japanese culture. A city that is worth living, in addition to the beautiful but extravagant and futuristic Tokyo, Kyoto is the ancient Japanese capital, a real treasure chest of eastern tradition.

Its mandatory to visit it in spring, in order not to lose the Hanami, the incredible spectacle of the blooming cherry trees that, like in a Monet’s painting, color of pink the avenues of the big cities. Temples, monuments, sanctuaries and nature are the key themes of this city, that reminds the old Japanese cartoons with Samurai and Geishas. Kyoto’s charm lies precisely in the concept of tradition and history of a population.

The jewel city of Sintra in Portugal


Portugal is a beautiful country in all its areas; but a city in particular is capable of capturing the attention. Sintra, which is just 30 kilometres from Lisbon, is one of the most popular destinations for lovers of imaginative architecture and mysterious places. The city has a very ancient history: Portugal rulers built their luxurious palaces and princely castles on the hills of which the area is scattered.

A small gem in a place that seems enchanted and belonging to another era. A few miles from the sea, it’s also appreciated by surf enthusiasts who, in Praia Grande, the beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, will find waves to ride, especially in winter.

Australia: the world’s largest island with ever changing landscapes


It’s normal to make a mental association Australia = backpack, adventure, car or motorbike and coast to coast. Unspoiled nature, metropolis, beaches and deserts: everything seems to capture new and different colours in every area you visit, each landscape is never equal to the previous one. A lonely trip to Australia requires a perfect organisation and especially time, a lot of time; but for those who want to experience unique emotions and fill their eyes and heart with memories, this is the ideal destination. For those who prefer comfort instead of adventure, here are a few must-see: Sydney, with its skyline that recalls many American metropolises, is considered the main economic center; while Melbourne is the cultural capital of the continent.

Ireland, the Emerald isle


Irish people are famous all over the world for their sociable and cheerful personality. A land of wonderful landscapes, Ireland is also called the Emerald Isle for the shades of green that cover the countryside and the coasts of the island.

Dublin is one of the most welcoming capitals in Europe, not only to be visited, but to be lived fully, maybe enjoying an evening in one of the many typical pubs while sipping a Guinness. Ireland seems to be the reality of a parallel world, with hundreds of Celtic traditions that still affect life on the island. In fact, legends of elves and fairies are still alive in the stories of elders living in the countryside.

Peru, to discover a mysterious civilisation


Peru makes a great cultural trip, from the Pacific Coast to the Andean mountains, to the heart of Inca culture and the Lost City of Machu Picchu. The beauty of the landscape is unique: the Amazon rainforest, mountains that seem to be covered with green carpets, ancient ruins of those people who built one of the main pre-Columbian civilisations; culture, science and studies of the past that are still wrapped in a veil of mystery but which, at the same time, have nothing to envy the modernity we are accustomed to. Whoever visits Machu Picchu remains literally astonished by the mysterious beauty and the magic atmosphere of this place.

Iceland, an island that warms the heart


Come to Iceland to discover a land of wild nature, a place to find peace and rejoin the world through nature. Apart from the cosmopolitan capital of Reykjavik, the island boasts its charm with fishing villages and small villages scattered along the coast; it’s the ideal place for the lovers of “extreme” nature. Here are corners to be visited at least once in life; glaciers, national parks, waterfalls, boreal aurora, geysers, volcanoes and thermal springs, all this in a beautiful island.

All the natural elements seem to coexist in harmony here. Everything in this fabulous land seems to be suitable for relaxation and to discover nature and ourselves.

Prague, the city of one hundred towers and one hundred bridges


A glorious city of glamorous magic has set itself in the heart of Europe. Prague is a safe, welcoming capital that retains the charm, cultural and artistic richness typical of the great European cities. It’s one of the best preserved cities in Europe, remaining intact despite the wars that hit the Old Continent. Its historic buildings such as castles, cathedrals, towers and bridges reflect different styles, such as the Romanic, Gothic, Renaissance and the rich Baroque that blends well into the landscape. Prague is a multitude of different souls, but they live here in great harmony. In addition to the numerous golden towers and medieval church spires, there are more than 300 bridges crossing the innumerable streams and valleys.

New York, either you hate it or you love it with all your heart


There is no middle ground for New York. Either you fall in love with it unconditionally or you hate. Still, it always remains one of those places you need to see at least once in a lifetime. A relatively young city, lacking in the history and culture typical of European countries; but what is lacking, is fully rewarded by its cosmopolitan lifestyle. Always different, you never get tired of visiting it, but it’s best not to stop at Manhattan only. For those who want to live it like a real New Yorker, Brooklyn is the perfect area to dive into the atmosphere of one of the coolest cities in the world.

Cuba and its capital Havana, that remain unchanged and immutable


One of those destinations that remains impressed in the eyes and in the mind forever. Cuba is a unique country, made of colours, traditions, sensuality and fragrances. The city of Havana is simple to live, walking and discovering every small and charming corner, a kaleidoscope of vintage cars in a pure 1950s style, colonial palaces that will literally leave you breathless thanks to their lively colours that clash with other decadent palaces. In addition to the wonderful sea and beaches as beautiful as Playa Azul, Havana also means fun. Its extraordinary nightlife animates the long waterfront, with pubs to dance until late at night, drinking Rum and with all sorts of amusements..

On the Dolomites, to restore the spirit


The ultimate destination for a solo trip is definitely the mountain. Therefore, why must you go to the other side of the world when you could come to Italy? It takes only to be equipped and prepared to enjoy a holiday in contact with nature, trekking and having some excursions in high altitude.

The clear mountain air enchants the beautiful landscapes, and the sense of freedom can repay any physical fatigue. A place to be visited in any season, the Dolomites are one of the most important mountain ranges in the Alps. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has been defined by French Architect Le Corbusier as “the most beautiful architectural work of nature“.

Bali, the mystical island of Indonesia


The perfect place to regain spiritual peace.

Bali is the only Hindu island in a country where there is the largest number of Muslims in the world. An island permeated by mysticism, great religious traditions, folklore and peace. Everywhere you can come across religious ceremonies, smell of incense on the streets, offerings of every kind.

Bali offers unforgettable landscapes, terrace rice fields, palm trees, and temples that instantly project the imagination into an Indiana Jones movie.

Maldives: a real heaven on earth to live in full relaxation


If you want to enjoy the landscapes typical of the most beautiful postcards, Maldives are what you need.

Malé is the capital, rich in life, shops and restaurants; but for those who want to fully enjoy this natural paradise, underwater diving in the crystal clear sea is the perfect shopping antidote.

And if you still crave mundanity, you cannot miss a surreal experience like the one of dining in the world’s first and only submarine restaurant, the Ithaa Undersea, that allows you to have a 360 degree view of the marine universe.

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