It happens only one night in a year, one night in Italy. Tavolara island, Sardinia, turns off all its lights and switches on the projector. The chairs are neatly arranged facing the white sheet that tingles in the wind, voices lower down. The show can start. Projected on the striking backcloth of the diving cliffs are the best cinematographic stories of the past year. We’re at Tavolara Film Festival, an unmissable event for film enthusiasts and sea lovers, for romantic souls and for all those who believe in the power of stories told through images.

Isola di Tavolara, Sardinia - Tavolara Film Festival

Tavolara island, Sardinia – Tavolara Film Festival

One of the most evocative and intimate film festivals around the world will be on from July 18th to 23rd. From the Porto San Paolo marina you can reach the island of Tavolara, the massive white and blue rock that turns out to be green as soon as you get close, sitting right in front of the Costa Smeralda.

Once on the island, go and find your seat; you could also take advance of the fading rays of sun to take the last dive of the day, or maybe have an intimate dinner. Still, all you’ll be waiting for is the sunset, with the night setting in, preparing the right environment for the movies to start rolling.

Once in a while, during the screening, you’ll find yourself looking around and wondering – where am I? There’ll be only a faint memory of arriving just a few hours before from the sea. Only if you get caught by the salty breeze you’ll realise that you’re not sitting in a theatre; there’s just the sky full of stars above your head and the calm sea on your back. Is there anything so perfect?

Through this Festival have passed by the greatest Italian authors and actors. From Gabriele Salvatores to Massimo Troisi, from Ferzan Ozpetek to Gabriele Muccino, from Paolo Virzì to Margherita Buy, beside singers and writers who have fallen in love with the Festival, from Luciano Ligabue to Alessandro Baricco and Ivano Fossati, whose song, A night in Italy (Una notte in Italia), gives the title to the Festival itself.

A screening at Tavolara Film Festival

A screening at Tavolara Film Festival

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