An oasis of peace in an ever-moving city. It’s the Residenza Ascanio Sforza in Milan, an XVII century residence whose apartments will welcome you with modern details and comforts, yet without losing the wise touch of another era.

Residenza Ascanio Sforza Milan - The view on the Naviglio

Residenza Ascanio Sforza Milan – The view on the Naviglio

The peaceful atmosphere that you breath when stepping into the inner courtyard of the Residenza Ascanio Sforza has something surprising to it. One minute you’re immersed in the crowded Navigli area, one of Milan’s nerve centres, and the next you feel like chaos has been left out of the door by an unknown guardian.

The same tranquillity will last for your whole stay at the Residenza, supported by the vast spaces of the apartments and by their perfect soundproofing.

Modern-looking rooms and countless services – from laundry pick-up to a guarded parking structure, from the vastly stocked breakfast corner to the exquisite bath products – make the Residenza an excellent foothold in Milan for both business travellers and families on vacation.

Still, the best way to get to know the Residenza is through the words of someone who knows, lives and takes care of it daily. We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Mister Renato Badan, Chief Receptionist at the Residenza Ascanio Sforza.

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