Four amazing palaces events Florence for an unforgettable party in the heart of the city


Piazza Carlo Goldoni 2

The palace, also known with the name “Blue Lion”. Because of the coat of arms of the family Ricasoli Firidolfi. The Palace belongs to the same family since it was built in 1474. And it’s located on the beautiful “Lungarno” of “Ponte della Carraia”. The monumental stairway leads the way to the “piano nobile”. Here the owner, Maria Teresa Ricasoli Firidolfi, managed to preserve the luxury of the halls and to combine it with modern touch of the suites.

The halls are two, both with beautifully decorated ceilings: the “Salone degli specchi”, for 70 people, and the “Salone Bettino”, for 30 people; both rooms have a wonderful view on the “Lungarno”, on “Ponte Vecchio” and on “Piazza Goldoni”. There are also 9 suites with a bed&breakfast rate: very luxurious and with a modern interior design. The decoration makes this palace a little gem in the heart of Florence. One of the coziest locations in Florence. Palaces events florence

If you want to organize a party+weekend in Florence with your friends, for the location and for the wine cellar (“Brolio”, the family castle since 1141 where they produce a very famous Chianti wine).


Lungarno Corsini 4

The recent renovation of the entire palace, made by the owner Tuzzy Maestrelli Locatelli de Hagenauer, gave a new splendour to the palace. The “piano nobile” of the palace is made of four halls, a boudoir and a connection hallway. The first entrace hall is the “Sala dei Gigli” (“Lilies’ Hall”) because of the beautiful ceiling decorated with golden lilies on a blue background. The “Corridoio dei Leoni” (“Lions’ Corridor”), decorated with lions’ figures, symbol of the Gianfigliazzi family, connects the “Sala dei Dipinti” with the two remaining halls facing the Arno river and the boudoir. Palaces events florence

When you enter in the “Sala della Musica” (“Music Hall”), with “stucchi” and decorations in pure gold, furnished with antique furniture, you won’t think you are in Florence. Only a glimpse from the balcony, with a glorious view on “Ponte Vecchio”, will make you realize that you are not in Versailles, but the in heart of the city.

If you want to feel like a ball in the 1800s, for the almost obsessive attention to the details and for the breathtaking view.



Via Ghibellina 110

The pretty anonymous street doesn’t make you imagine that, behind the entrance of this palace, there are hiding 2500sm of monumental halls and luxurious salons. Camillo Borghese and his wife Paolina Bonaparte used to live here and they renovated completely the entire palace in 1822.

Countless salons connect the three main hall of the palace: the “Sala degli Specchi”, Paolina’s bedroom decorated with ten huge wall mirrors in pure gold and a gygantic chandelier in golden wood and Boemia crystal (Paolina loved music so much that she ordered to build a small terrace inside her bedroom, where an orchestra would play every morning in order to wake her up); the “Sala del Consiglio”, with rich fabrics on the walls; finally, the majestic “Salonde delle Feste”: 200sm of “stucchi”, frescos, chandeliers, statues and columns. You have to see it for yourself, it will leave you speechless! Palaces events florence

If you want to organize a party for 550 people and to astonish your guests with the “Salone delle Feste”.



Borgo Pinti 68

This is one of the few palaces in Florence to have a wonderful inside garden, and that’s not about it: a Lemonhouse, and entrance hall from the 1700s, an inside courtyard, a circuit of rooms with Renaissance gypsum ceilings, last but not least a wonderful ball room just renovated and with ceilings up to 11 meters. Whatever you have in mind can be done here: as the owners explain to us while showing proudly how they transformed an historic palace in one of the most perfect locations in florence for every type of event, since you can have 210 seated people and 450 standing, just on the “Piano Nobile”. Palaces events florence

For the beautiful garden, for the ball room and for the professionalism of the owners.


Testo di Ludovica Amodeo Grabau

Foto di Federico Sigali