Paris, symbol of romance, history and culture, have opened its heart to the practice of yoga. Tuning out its busy life to the art of consciousness and meditation.

Yoga is slowly invading cities and neighborhoods, and yoga mats being common inside people’s houses. Breathing, stretching and rooting ourselves has become the escape that does us good.

yoga paris

There’s a type of yoga for everyone: Ashtanga, Hatha, Hatha Flow, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Kundalini, Vibhava yoga, Vinyasa, Yang yoga and Yin. Each kind is recommended according to one’s needs.

yoga paris

Below is a mini-guide for the aspiring yoginis:

Ashtanga: Alternates breathing and dynamic postures. The mind constantly focuses on inhaling and exhaling. The purpose is not to perfect the postures but to perform an active meditation based on breathing.

Hatha: Basic yoga for newbies. It introduces simple movements and postures. The trainer guides the class and instructs his yogis on when to breath in and breath out.

Hatha Flow: Takes Hatha to another level. The body follows the rhythm of a dynamic breathing.

Iyengar: This type of yoga requires the understanding of basic posture beforehand. Because it aims for perfect alignment and flexibility before getting the the body to relax.

Jivamukti: a.k.a a ‘liberation while living’. It’s a dynamic, musical and rejuvenating moment. The class focuses on the sequence of postures through meditation, music, mantra chanting and reading of ancient texts and philosophy.

Kundalini: Recharges the body with breathing, meditation and dynamic exercises. The objective is to clear the mind from the accumulated stress. The Gong at the end of the class resonates within the body and liberates the spirit from tension.

Vibhava yoga: The meaning of Vibhava is evolution. While breathing and relaxing, the emphasis is put on muscles and joints.

Vinyasa: It’s a sequence of flowing almost dancing movements synchronized to the breathing. The purpose is to elevate the body’s temperature and to get the body sweating. This process allows the body to get rid of toxins.

Yang and Yin yoga: Yang yoga favors strength and endurance whereas Yin yoga is more relaxing and gentle. Each Yin and Yang are taught in two separate classes although they are both complimentary yoga.

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