For those who are deeply in love with the sea and all its secrets. To uncover only by wearing flippers and dive’s masks. Here are the most amazing Mediterranean diving destinations. True heavens beyond the waves.




Mediterranean diving destinations: Sardegna

Mediterranean diving destinations: Sardinia

Famous for the beauties on the surface, it’s not difficult to believe that Sardinia is amazing underwater as well. The best immersions are possible along the north-east coast. In particular in Golfo degli Aranci. One of most interesting attractions is the Portone of Capo Figari. Which brings to a submarine tunnel that leads to Dromia: a room at 18 meters of depth inhabited by fracchino crabs and colorful light games.

For the most courageous: reaching over the 35 meters, there’s the chance to see closely the most various species, such as ceriantus and groupers, and even an ancient Byzantine anchor. A few armfuls away there’s the Satan’s Cave, whose walls are full of sponges and yellow leptosamnia. Moving towards the north there’s Santa Teresa of Gallura: a marine landscape that doesn’t suffer comparisons with the tropical sea. With amounts of corals and breathtaking colors. Moreover, in the area between La Maddalena and the Lavezzi Islands, Corsica, it’s possible to dive among caves, drop-offs, granite walls. And so much fish you will have to move it aside if you want to see further.


Mediterranean diving destinations: Ustica

Mediterranean diving destinations: Ustica

It is told that Ustica is the island in which the goddess Circe, from the Odyssey, used to live and transform her enemies into animals. We have no idea if the beautiful marine fauna is connected to her magic powers. But nowadays the island presents one of the best Mediterranean’s biodiversity. Ustica has been the first Italian marine reserve and her seabed is rich of caves, secret walls and drop-offs to explore.

From the Doctor’s Rock, where is possible to see the gold grouper. To the Sicchitiello (only for expert divers), where fake black coral appears bright yellow. To the Secca della Colombara, with more then 42 mt of vertical wall enriched with many  species of fauna. To the Grotta dei Gamberi (only for expert divers), a paradise of shrimps. Ustica island is probably the best place in the Mediterranean where you can admire a rich biodiversity of fish: it hosts the 50% of the marine species of the Mediterranean. Like barracuda, grouper, and amberjacks. An amazing underwater architecture and some ship wrecks complete the amazing picture.

Medas Islands- Spain

Mediterranean diving destinations: Isole Medas

Mediterranean diving destinations: Medas Islands

Among the amazing occasions of fun you can find in Spain, diving is one of those. Just in front of the Costa Brava, there is the archipelago of Medes Island: a real paradise on Earth for diving lovers. This area, turned into marine nature reserve in 1983, is one of the richest talking about biodiversity: more than 1200 species and stunning underwater beauty.

There are many sites where it’s possibile to dive: Les Ferranelles, Tascó Gros,Tascó Petit, Carall Bernat, Pedra de Déu, El Medellot e Salpatxot. But the real unmissable one is the Dolphin Cave, a deep and wide tunnel with a dolphin statue at its entrance. And groupers, morays, corals and lobsters inside. Medes Islands are one of the most valuable diving site in the Mediterranean. With a water temperature of 22° in August, and easy yet beautiful seabeds.


Mediterranean diving destinations: Malta

Mediterranean diving destinations: Malta

The Blue Hole is one of the best destination for diving in Malta. This depression is inhabited by various fishes and corals. And, swimming by the stone walls, it’s possible to reach one of the most breathtaking attraction of Gozo Island: the Azure Window.

This natural stone window allows an amazing sight over the sea ahead. Leaving every single divers speechless in front of this natural beauty. Moving south, towards Cirkewwa, the seabed is rich. In caves and arches, dolphins and sharks, a statue of a Madonna at 20 mt of depth and wrecks of the tugboat MV Rozi. And the Blenheim bomber airplane.


Mediterranean diving destinations: Croazia

Mediterranean diving destinations: Croatia

Who would prefer to learn history visiting an old wreck rather than studying it on books? If you are a true adventurer looking for ancient boats to discover, Croatia is the place to be. Its seabed is studded of 10 wrecks, well maintained. Thanks also to the relatively contained depth of their positions, around 42 mt.

One of the most famous wreck is Baron Gautsch: a ship that in 1914, after touching a mine located on the seabed, has sunk. Bringing more the 100 people with it. It is particularly well kept and its huge dimensions create an amazing atmosphere. Enhanced by the multitude of fishes that live in its skeleton. Another one is Coriolanus: spy english ship sunk in 1940 after touching a mine.

Kas – Turkey

Mediterranean diving destinations: Kas

Mediterranean diving destinations: Kas

Chosen as one of the 100 best diving destination in the world, Kas, Turkey, is well known for the clearness of its waters and for the richness of its sea-life, enhanced by the most common species of the Mediterranean such as groupers, kingfishes, turtles, monk seals and much more. Seabeds are studded by archeological evidences from the Ancient Greece and Rome, wrecks of the Second World War and recently sunken ships.

Among the most interesting sites there’s Sariot Island with its south wall, a vertical stone of 40 mt with many coves populated by groupers and anthers. The most famous destination is Kanyon, a split between two walls that goes down for 19mt among sponges, tunicates and leptosammia. At the end of the Kanyon, following the seabed, there’s Dimitri, a merchant sunk in 1968 and nowadays house of thousands of fishes.


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