An Italian city with very ancient origins that attracts more and more tourists nowadays, Turin is not only made by ancient buildings and smooth marbles. Because Turin is, literally magic.

A guide to magic Turin

A guide to magic Turin

Black and white: the magic triangles

Turin seems to prosper thanks to an intertwining of white and black magic that represents the heart and the bones of the city. Everything in Turin is magic, everything loses itself in a light and shadows swirling.

First of all, Turin is the vertex of both the magic triangles of the Western world: Praga – Lyon – Turin (white magic) and San Francisco – London – Turin (black magic).

For years, black masses have been a problem for the city administration. So much to force the Council to close the Bela Rosin Mausoleum, now turned into a library, and to block the entrances of the San Pietro in Vincoli cemetery.

Disocuri in Piazza Castello - Magic Turin. Ph Giulia Tedesco

Disocuri in Piazza Castello – Magic Turin. Ph Giulia Tedesco


But Turin is dark as much as it shines, and during the centuries the followers of the Loggia Bianca have handled the fight against Satanism in various secret places of the city.

In fact, the legend has it that the Alchemical Caves are situated in the undergrounds of Piazza Castello. This is where the great Alchemists have the power to turn soul and body into something superior by unifying them to the Cosmic Essence. In these secret rooms, it’s possible to manipulate time and space, influencing the future, the present and the past of the world.

Piazzetta Reale -  Magic Turin. Ph Giulia Tedesco

Piazzetta Reale – Magic Turin. Ph Giulia Tedesco

And on the surface area of this plaza, the Guarini doom is found. It contains the most “white” and powerful talisman of the Christianity: the Holy Shroud. Perhaps, with the Graal. At least, so the mystic statues seem to say; in particular the Faith, that raises an inviting wine cup in direction of the city.

If you want to cover a 24 hours route in the magic Turin, you could depart from the black side to reach the white one: from Piazza Statuto to the Gran Madre statues.

A daily trip in magic

The Frejus Monument - Magic Turin

The dark angel on the Frejus Monument – Magic Turin


Soon in the morning, start from Piazza Statuto, very near to Porta Susa. Here you can observe the Hell Door, that is hidden in the stones of the Frejus Monument. The Black Angel that overhangs this monument is Lucifer himself!

From here, take via Garibaldi and turn left in via Consolata; stop therefore in Consolata quad and have breakfast at the Al Bicerin bar. This is the most ancient place perhaps in the whole city, and it preserves the true recipe of the famous, sweet Bicerin. In front of you, you will see the magnificent Consolata church, which, naturally, is magic and, probably, tied up with the Freemasons.

Consolata Sanctuary - Magic Turin

Consolata Sanctuary – Magic Turin


Now, go by foot towards the Egyptian Museum, via San Carlo, and visit this treasure, whose collections are second only to those of Cairo museum. In particular, look for the hieroglyphs devoted to Seth, the Egyptian Lucifer, and those devoted to the shining light of Horus and Osiris. All while losing yourself in an incessant and powerful intersection of white and black magic.

Once out of the museum, go and eat in Piazza Carlo Alberto at the Cantiere Edibile while admiring Palazzo Carignano. After then, enter in Piazza Castello and top you in the “whitest” point of the city. Here once the Shroud was exposed, exactly on the opening that connects Piazza Castello with Reale quad, between the Dioscuri statues. Stay there to absorb the positive energy of the city.

Also take a look at the preserved rests under Madama Palace, where the entrance of the Alchemical Caves could be hidden.

Magic in the night

Gran Madre statues - Magic Turin

Gran Madre statues – Magic Turin

Take another bus towards the Po river and get to the Gran Madre church, over the bridge. Here, try to decipher the sibylline looks of the statues looking for the Graal.

So, in the light of the setting sun,  make the last effort and go up to Monte dei Cappuccini, where the greatest case of demonic possession of the last millennium happened (a whole legion of demons hosted by an only body), and, quite the opposite, a great miracle took place, that put in escape a gang of sacrilegious thieves. Whatever the truth is, from the square’s parapet you can admire Turin lighting up in its nighttime splendour.

Once back down, enjoy your apericena at the Salumeria, within walking distance from the river, and the generous Vittorio Veneto plaza.

Where to stay in Turin

Hotel Victoria Spa

Hotel Victoria Spa

In conclusion, to stay in this mysterious city, we suggest you choose the Hotel Victoria. Charming and smart, this hotel is situated in the heart of Turin’s aristocratic downtown, near the beautiful San Carlo square, within a few blocks from the main touristic attractions. In addition, Hotel Victoria is really close to the famous Jazz Club, where you can assist to jazz, lindy hop and balboa live shows almost every night.

A little advice: try the hotel Spa… it’s magic!