If you’re an adventurous spirit and you love the offbeat charm of abandoned places, you can’t miss these 10 intriguing destinations around Italy.
Our alternative path will bring you back in centuries to discover the rich cultural and historical heritage of a forgotten part of Italy.

Poveglia (Veneto)

Poveglia - The Most Intriguing Italian Ghost Towns

Poveglia – The Most Intriguing Italian Ghost Towns

This island rich in history is situated in the south of Venice. Through the ages, Poveglia has had different purposes. Romans were the first to colonize it; then, in the VIII century, the island became a little borough with a castle. The Lombards, while unleashing destruction, made this place the center for their migratory flows. When Venice raised as the capital of the Veneto Republic, Poveglia formed an alliance with it and received in exchange huge benefits, like exemption from military service and taxes. These were the most prosperous years for the local economy and the island reached its peak.

Unfortunately, as with everything, soon followed the decline. It was marked by historical rivalry between the Republic of Venice and the Republic of Genoa; both wanted to take control of commercial traffic with the Mediterranean and the East. Poveglia was occupied and destroyed by the Genoese. In the XVIII century, the island was used for medical purposes as a lazaretto, where were brought plague victims whose bodies were also burned here. Then, in 1922, here was built a mental hospital where, according to the testimonies, paranormal activities occurred. At present, the island is in a state of abandonment. It was several times put up for auction, but never sold.

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