What, where and how to eat Neapolitan food

Who thinks that Naples only means pizza has never seen the sea from the Gulf. Savoury as taralli or sweet as sfogliatelle: Neapolitan cuisine offers a hundred different temptations that satisfy every taste. The Italian Eye Magazine proposes a list of foods absolutely to try while in Naples: a sort of handbook for those who want to learn more about the city from a local point of view.


neapolitan food

Insider guide to Neapolitan food: cuoppo di frittura

Walking through Naples’ streets has a total different taste with a cuoppo in your hands. For those who don’t know it yet:  cuoppo is a wide range of fried preparations served into the traditional paper cone. It contains every kind of fried food: from pasta cresciuta to deep-fried zucchini flowers; from potato croquettes to fried mozzarella. It has to be eaten warm. And you have to take it from one of the many friggitorie in Spaccanapoli (the street that divides the city in two halves). However, you need to go to via dei Tribunali 94 to find the hidden gem. Here, behind the long line of people waiting to get in, there’s the take away service of Antica Pizzeria e Friggitoria Di Matteo. With the well-known frittatina di pasta. You cannot leave the city without trying it.

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