A get-away in the desert: the Dar Azawad Hotel.

dar azawad morocco

An oasis in the middle of the desert: Dar Azawad in Morocco

To get away in the desert. The dunes, as far as the eyes can see. The wind, carrying the smell of spices and black tea. The soft fabrics, protecting the body from the heat. Is there anything more evocative for those who want to take a break from everything and everyone? In the south of Morocco, 5 kilometers from the town of M’Hamid, lays an ideal place for whomever is searching for a true oasis surrounded by a sea of sand. It’s the Dar Azawad: a luxury hotel that combines a resort-like experience with the freedom of living for a few days in a Saharan camp. With, of course, luxury features.

dar azawad morocco

Tents in the middle of the desert at the Dar Azawad

Created in 2009, Dar Azawad is located in the midst of a 7.5 acres garden. A proper ecosystem retaining more than 1.500 plants. Such as acacias, basil from the desert, verbena, fresh mint, coriander, cotton and 6 various species of date palms. Before reaching the room’s doorstep, the guest is invited to get lost in this green maze. Picking up some fruit and admiring the typical moroccan architecture of the structures all around.


dar azawad marocco

The rooms at the Dar Azawad are luxuriously decorated

Beige, ochre, brown. And then flashes of red, intense green, lapis lazuli blue. These are the colors that await who crosses the suites’ thresholds: a perfect synthesis between north-african style and technological design. Indeed, the 65 sm Sultan’s Suite boasts a private jacuzzi, a king size bed with bamboo fibre duvets. And iPod speaker and other extras such as imported mineral waters à la carte. The other rooms also reflect the attention to top class hospitality: rugs from the Atlas Mountains, glazed Zellige tiles from Fez, Tataouine-styled ceilings with engraved sugarcanes. And the natural beauty products by Les Sens de Marrakech that you can also enjoy in the hotel’s hammam.


dar azawad morocco

A trail of dromedaries in the Sahara desert

However, the adventurous soul won’t stop here: mounting a dromedary or driving a 4×4 (you can rent both through the hotel). Dar Azawad gives the opportunity to reach three bivouacs in the middle of the dunes: all of them equipped with tents of different sizes to provide a deep immersion in the silence of the western Sahara. For those who want to savor some cous cous or some stewed lamb sitting around a campfire, here is the Rêve Sahara Sand Inn: literally “the Sahara’s dream Inn”. It’s dwellings are built with perfectly isolating earth walls and decorated with simple yet comfortable furnishing. A natural terrace welcomes the guests under a brush of Tamarisk trees. And there’s no better place to taste an intense desert tea.


dar azawad morocco

A Touareg man riding in the desert

If you would rather get into the local traditions, the Blue Men Bivouac won’t be disappointing. In fact, the name comes from the Tuaregs, desert wayfarers usually covering their head and face with indigo-colored fabrics (tagelmust) that often leaves some traces of the same pigment on the skin. Chants alongside the fire, multicolored rugs and the exclusivity of a corner in the desert all for yourself. A proper gem completes Dar Azawad’s services: the Azalai Desert Luxury Camp, an erg between the uncontaminated dunes of Ch’Gaga. King size tents, exactly like the beds right inside, furnished with the best moroccan cloths, and the possibility of strolling along with dromedaries on the drained lake of Iriki. All because, as Théodore Monod would say, Don’t let people tell you about the desert, just live it”.

dar azawad morocco

A romantic dinner in the midst of the Sahara desert at the Dar Azawad


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