There’s definitely something more than what meets the eyes in Ibiza. More than the jaw-dropping coastline dotted by white, polished villas that seem to dive into a turquoise sea. More than the thrilling nightlife that makes party-goers from all over the world go crazy. It’s a tiny yet persistent vibration, like a harmony that pervades your bones and tissues. Like a calm sense of “wow”. And if you want to find yourself truly immersed in this pleasantly dazing feeling, you should stay at Atzaró Agroturismo.

Hotels We Love: Atzaró Agroturismo, Ibiza (Ph. Alessandro Garzi)

Hotels We Love: Atzaró Agroturismo, Ibiza (Ph. Alessandro Garzi)

Nestled right at the center (and the heart) of Ibiza island, between thirteen hectares of orange groves and with a 3-hectare organic vegetable garden within its premises, Atzaró introduces itself as the illustrious founder of the natural luxury surging trend. Everything, inside and outside, invites guests to reconnect with their wellbeing, with the beauty of the environment and the attention to details working as the catalysts of an enticing experience.

Authenticity is the key to access the Atzaró world. Forget about the burgeoning decorations and the glossy furniture of contemporary hotels. This 300-years old finca stayed true to its roots made of raw materials and earthy colours, elevating them to design elements that blend effortlessly with nature.

Opened in 2004 as one of the first agroturismo hotels in Ibiza, Atzaró tells the story of a landowners family able to reconcile the rural beauty of the Mediterranean countryside with the splendid pleasures of a luxury venue. Stone and wood are not just construction materials: they are the witnesses of the many lives that have passed these halls and corridors. And they now rise as compelling protagonists of the most original Balearic design.

The Rooms at Atzaró

Hotels We Love: Atzaró Agroturismo, Ibiza - Diamante Room (Ph. Atzaro)

Hotels We Love: Atzaró Agroturismo, Ibiza – Diamante Room (Ph. Atzaro)

Each of the 24 rooms at Atzaró has its personality; and yet, they all follow the same fil rouge: to make the guests feel as if they have entered their own private universe, immersed in an ever-blooming nature but with every modern comfort at their hands.

Secluded swimming pools and open-air baths, teak-floored verandas with plush daybeds, finely decorated interiors with metallic elements contrasting the thick, all-white plaster walls, and four-poster beds with candid cotton linens. Nothing is left to chance in your room, from the complimentary tablet to the fine Ibizenco snacks in the minibar and the selection of magazines to read while unwinding on a garden sofa.

The highest level of this off-world experience is reached by staying in the private area uphill from the main farmhouse. This tropical maze of suites and villas can only be entered with a passcode, a plus that makes it a top-class retreat for famous personalities – no wonder Italian digital entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni loves this place – or everyone who needs time to regain the inner peace that today’s frenzy civilisation often takes away.

Dining at Atzaró

Hotels We Love: Atzaró Agroturismo, Ibiza - La Veranda (Ph. Atzaro)

Hotels We Love: Atzaró Agroturismo, Ibiza – La Veranda (Ph. Atzaro)

The extreme care for everything that speaks about health and wellbeing also penetrates in the dining options at Atzaró. Open all year long, La Veranda accompanies gusts in a farm-to-fork culinary voyage, surrounded by the scents and colours of the property’s gardens. The restaurant’s terrace and romantic pergola break the boundary between architecture and nature, letting you enjoy the seasonal menu while immersed in the very gardens and plantations where the ingredients in your plate grow.

A spectacular venue for weddings and events, but also scenic dinners with family and friends, The Orange Tree is the courtyard garden restaurant where to see and be seen in Ibiza. Tables, golden lamps and verdant plants are enclosed under a wood pergola to guarantee a magical effect, while the menu again features locally sourced and homegrown ingredients.

Atzaró Spa&Wellness

Hotels We Love: Atzaró Agroturismo, Ibiza - Atzaro Spa (Ph. Atzaro)

Hotels We Love: Atzaró Agroturismo, Ibiza – Atzaro Spa (Ph. Atzaro)

Merely walking around Atzaró’s gardens is a rejuvenating experience. The colours seem more vivid than in real life, with the blooming fuchsia of the Bougainvillea and the dazzling orange and yellow of the citrus trees inebriating the atmosphere.

You may challenge yourself to find all the Instagrammable spots around the estate, from the 43 meter-long fresh-water pool, with its palm trees and daybeds, to the luscious mass of the orange grove, or maybe a hidden corner with flowers cascading from a facade. You’ll get lost while trying to take as many pictures as you can, and it would be worth it.

After all this trekking around trying to catch the perfect shot, it could be time for some real relaxation. Head to the agroturismo’s signature Spa and choose the best treatment for you with the help of Atzaró’s staff. The treatment rooms will welcome you with calming music and soothing paintings, while skilful hands will perform the massages your body needs the most: hot stones, deep tissues, Ayurvedic, or maybe the house specialty, the Atzaro Integration Massage, an original blend of Swedish, Balinese and Thai techniques.

The Spa Products and the Sauna Pod

Hotels We Love: Atzaró Agroturismo, Ibiza - Sauna Pod (Ph. Alessandro Garzi)

Hotels We Love: Atzaró Agroturismo, Ibiza – Sauna Pod (Ph. Alessandro Garzi)

All the treatments utilize the estate-grown organic Spa products, with essences and ingredients directly from Atzaró’s herbs garden. You will find the products of the same line in the en-suite bathrooms, while the scents will linger in the halls and corridors thanks to the original home fragrances. Another trait to add to your multi-sensory experience.

Speaking of experiences, an unexpected encounter awaits you just around the Spa’s corner. The garden opens on a deck where a singular object stands out, a human artefact that surprisingly blends with the environment: it’s the Sauna Pod, a futuristic cabin with smooth edges where to take a real Scandinavian sauna while overlooking the abundant nature all around.

Atzaro Design

Hotels We Love: Atzaró Agroturismo, Ibiza - Atzaro Design (Ph. Alessandro Garzi)

Hotels We Love: Atzaró Agroturismo, Ibiza – Atzaro Design (Ph. Alessandro Garzi)

Everything at Atzaró seems to be homegrown, as if the place itself was a center of creation, with ideas flowing from here and spreading all over the island. Even the design follows this “inward to outward” path: every piece of furniture, every color and material choice – even the Sauna Pod! – comes from Atzaro Design, the home&business design studio behind all the Atzaró Group projects.

The studio’s roots are, of course, well planted in the rural nature of the estate, but their expansion is relentless. Whether it’s a house or a business, a villa or a store, Atzaro Design will study the energy of the place and work along with the harmony of its spaces. The goal is to recreate the same magic that seems to permeate every corner of Ibiza.

Teak and ceramics, soft lights and shimmering metals, woods and resins. All the elements combine to elicit a sense of freshness that is never overdone, an environment that is cool and welcoming at the same time. A dream home on a dream island.

Wintertime in Atzaró

Hotels We Love: Atzaró Agroturismo, Ibiza - Vegetable Garden (Ph. Atzaro)

Hotels We Love: Atzaró Agroturismo, Ibiza – Vegetable Garden (Ph. Atzaro)

While Ibiza’s frenzy slows down during wintertime, Atzaró seems to thrive with renovated energy. Always promoting a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, the agroturismo organises guided walks and e-bike trails during winter and spring months.

Having someone local to guide you across Ibiza’s countryside and rocky coasts means getting into the wild, energy-fuelled vibe that has drawn so many different people towards this island. While observing Formentera from the top of a cliff, riding down towards the hidden cove of Agua Blanca, foraging for medicinal wild herbs or simply having a picnic under an olive tree, you’ll soak up the untamed yet gentle beauty that exudes from the red soil and Mediterranean scrub.

A tip for the most inquisitive-minded: ask your guide about Es Vedrà and Ibiza’s energy lines. You may finally find out why the myth of this island seems never to fade.

Atzaró Group

Hotels We Love: Atzaró Agroturismo, Ibiza - Villa Garden (Ph. Alessandro Garzi)

Hotels We Love: Atzaró Agroturismo, Ibiza – Villa Garden (Ph. Alessandro Garzi)

Just like a gushing source of vitality, Atzaró has become more a forge of ideas than a simple hotel. The Atzaro Group now includes Atzaró Beach restaurant and the Atzaró Chiringuito in Cala Nova, on the northeastern coast of the island; and the Aubergine by Atzaró restaurant, another spearhead of Ibiza’s farm-to-table movement.

Every Atzaro instalment also has its own Boutique, with garments and accessories handmade by local artisans to represent the colourful, joyful Ibizenco way of dressing.

Yet the family doesn’t stop growing. The most recent add is Prana by Atzaro, a majestic phinisi yacht that sets sail for exclusive cruises around Raja Ampat Islands.

The secret to the seemingly unstoppable expansion of this Ibiza cornerstone? Reconnecting luxury with genuineness, with human artefacts and natural beauty finding their true harmony in authentic Ibiza style.