The city of romance, art, culture and impeccably styled women with envious metabolism. Paris is a like living a dream. Apart from the stellar vibe that the city has to offer, here are a few must visit joints for all the health enthusiasts. Healthy eats spanning across the city for different moods and varying taste buds, this list will help you eat your heart out without having to worry about the calories piling on! Healthy food Paris


Healthy food Paris

Healthy food Paris: Chambelland

14 Rue Ternaux, 75011 Paris, France. +33 1 43 55 07 30

A gluten free boulangerie that offers the most heavenly fougasse with green olives! Chambelland is located in the eleventh arrondissment and offers a range of salads and sandwiches with smoked salmon. If you’re heading there soon, don’t forget to try their signature 5-seeded gluten free bread.


Healthy food Paris

Healthy food Paris: Noglu

16 Passage des Panoramas, 75002 Paris, France. +33 1 40 26 41 24

Hidden to the tourists, Noglu is located in façade of Passage des Panoramas. It’s not an easy find, but the mystery is absolutely worth it when you taste their gluten free healthy bites. Apart from the divine tasting freshly baked bread, their clientele also drops by for their impeccable and popular salads.

Bob’s Juice Bar

Healthy food Paris

Healthy food Paris: Bob’s Juice Bar

15 Rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010 Paris, France. +33 9 50 06 36 18

Of course there is a juice bar in the list! Bob’s Juice Bar is the place to be if you’re looking for ‘cold pressed juices’ in the tenth arrondissment. With shared tables, cute décor and hearty cooking, Bob’s has three locations within the city. So if you’re looking for a healthful meal or baked goodies, you should head to Bob’s Kitchen or Bob’s bakeshop!

Rice and Fish

Healthy food Paris

Healthy food Paris: Rice and Fish

16 Rue Greneta, 75002 Paris, France. +33 1 42 36 63 72

In the pool of Paris’ sushi places, Rice and Fish has earned the title of serving one of the most commendable sushi one will ever have.


Healthy food Paris

Healthy food Paris: Merci

111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris, France. +33 1 42 77 78 92

Merci is your feel good place. Nourish and replenish the tummy and the soul at once. This book café will pamper you with worthwhile reads and lip smacking salads.

Sol Semilla

Healthy food Paris

Healthy food Paris: Sol Semilla

23 Rue des Vinaigriers, 75010 Paris, France. +33 1 42 01 03 44

Sol Semilla is your neighborhood vegan friendly eat out that sets the vibe for a cheerful meal on a gloomy day. The décor is colorful, the food is delicious and they also let you shop for superfoods. If you aren’t convinced already, you should check it out for yourself.


Healthy food Paris

Healthy food Paris: Nest

9 Rue Villedo, 75001 Paris, France. +33 1 40 20 45 20

Organic and gluten free options will flow your way to tempt and tickle your taste buds. Nest is a lethal combination of French and Vietnamese cuisine. Not just your everyday salads and soups: their menu swings from noodles to bánh mì burgers.

Epicerie Générale

Healthy food Paris

Healthy food Paris: Epicerie Generale

1 Rue Moncey, 75009 Paris, France. +33 1 48 74 30 56

A generously curated version of everything beautiful, healthy and organic. This patisserie offers a wide range of Panifica breads, fresh goat’s cheese and green pesto.

Pousse Pousse

Healthy food Paris

Healthy food Paris: Pousse Pousse

176 Rue de Vaugirard, 75015 Paris, France. +33 1 45 68 91 15

From the founder’s mouth, the wheatgrass and barley juice that this place offers is life changing – it’s also recommended to drink it half an hour before eating. We’d go only for that. Won’t you?

Rose Bakery

Healthy food Paris

Healthy food Paris: Rose Bakery

46 Rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris, France. +33 1 42 82 12 80

Owned and run by a French-British duo, this café was one of the first to kick off the concept of healthy eateries. Colourful salads from the organic and local produce are a universe of nutrients that your body needs, all in one meal.