Explore, trek, discover. It’s only by keeping ourselves over the limits of our resistance that we can reach the highest heights of success. The one who is able to risk every day has got the possibility to change his life. That’s the spirit of Black Tomato, the tour operator that makes travel arrangements in the name of adventure and of the unknown. Their adage is a call to action but only for true warriors. Because you need to get lost to really find yourself.

Get Lost Tours: A Shot In the Dark while Looking for Yourself

The Get Lost tour is a dream that came true for many people. Black Tomato, the well-known and award-winning travel agency based in the US and in the UK, tips it all on the surprise effect.

While organising your trip with them, the only thing requested is an act of faith to this tour operator: if you decide to leave, you will only know the airport from which you’ll take off. Black Tomato will do all the rest.

Get Lost by Black Tomato: journey into the unknown

Get Lost by Black Tomato: journey into the unknown

On the official website, you may leave some clues on which destinations could be your favourite. Polar lands, jungles, deserts, mountains or coasts? Choose carefully the environment in which you would like to be catapulted because each of these means a completely unique experience, different from the others. Keep in mind: you won’t know the final destination until you arrive there.

Desert - Get Lost by Black Tomato

Desert – Get Lost by Black Tomato

Whys and Hows of the Trip

Why should you get lost to find yourself? There are many different reasons: to use your wits and skills you may not even know you have; moreover, to disconnect from all and start over once you come back; to become a real explorer; to find that true sense of achievement, alone or with somebody else; and even to discover uncharted and unknown territories.

Explore, trek, discover - Get Lost by Black Tomato

Explore, trek, discover – Get Lost by Black Tomato

The secret of Black Tomato’s success lays in getting outside the box.

Swim against the tide and let yourself re-discover the real sense of travelling, the one you may have forgotten. The only comforts for travellers who will leave for the Get Lost tour will be their abilities and the parternship with what3words: an accurate way, especially offline, to travel without never losing the direction.

Coast - Get Lost by Black Tomato

Coast – Get Lost by Black Tomato

Prices and Simulations of Travel

The prices are based on your real travel intentions: the more you want to get lost, then you need to rely on specific types of equipment for your experience to the uncharted. No tricks and no final surprise: prices will vary depending on how much you want to invest in an ambitious project like this, out of the charges of normality.

Mountain - Get Lost by Black Tomato

Mountain – Get Lost by Black Tomato

To whoever may be interested, on the Get Lost’s website there is even the possibility to create a travel simulation. It is only needed to choose an environment and the geolocalization map will do the rest: Chile, Mongolia, Namibia, Moldova or Indonesia? These are only a few of the destinations in which you could get lost. And letting yourself be captured by the mission of this travel agency takes just a moment.

Backpacks on your back, are you ready to get lost to find yourselves again?