The Franciacorta Festival is not just an event to put on a calendar. It’s a ritual, a tribute to a region – Lombardy – and to its genuine products. Once you discover Franciacorta, you fall in love with it. Franciacorta is the perfect destination for wine lovers and for those who seek a quiet and cozy touristic place, with the natural beauty of the rolling hills, the beautiful colours, the scent of fields and grapes, and the shimmering view of Lake Iseo.

Franciacorta Festival in Milan - Milano Wine Week

Franciacorta Festival in Milan – Milano Wine Week

When you visit the Franciacorta region, you can take a walk through history by visiting old amazing cloisters, like San Pietro in Lamosa; or beautiful abbeys, like the one of San Nicola in Rodengo Saiano, or even castles.

Franciacorta is a generous land voted to quality viticulture, where vineyards represent a cultural heritage.

Every year, in the two days of the Franciacorta Festival in September, all the cellars – historical and new – open their doors to thousands of visitors. Wine lovers and wine experts can experience wine tasting directly with the producers and listen to their stories, discovering their unconditional love for their vineyards. Still, this passion requires much work and sacrifices, complete devotion, and what comes from it – the wine, as a divine nectar – it’s worth the effort.

For a producer, to share his wine with others means more than money and business.

The Franciacorta Festival in Milan: October 11, 2018

On October 11, all the wonders of Franciacorta will take over Milan. In fact, the wine region will be the protagonist for a day at the Milano Wine Week. Wine tastings and wine extravaganza will take place at Palazzo Bovara, with the participation of 40 cantine.

All Franciacorta wines would deserve to be mentioned, for all of them have a unique soul, a personality, a story to tell through glasses.

Here we’ve listed two excellences that have in common the same passion for the vineyards and that have reached important goals and prizes with their great bottles.

Only a distance of 5 km separates them, but these two Companies differ a lot one from another for their history and for their brand image.

Le Marchesine – Passirano

Easy, pleasing to drink and very elegant

You start producing wine in the vineyard, not in the cellar”. These words come from Loris Biatta, member of the penultimate of 5 generations of the Biatta family, all wine producers.

It’s very important to know the land, its minerals, its composition, to decide which wine you want to obtain.”

Le Marchesine starts producing wine in 1985, with only three hectares (48 hectares today). Today production is about 475.000 bottles.

Loris warmly welcomes you to his cellar, proud and humble. You can see the passion in his eyes when he takes you on a tour, while he’s curious to see what you think about his world. He’s both a family man and a businessman, as he travels a lot, especially to Japan, where his clients love him.

What we tasted

Extra Brut, Rosè Millesimato ’13, Saten Millesimato ’14 and Blanc de Blancs Millesimato ’10.

Top of the range: Secolo Novo, considered the “jewel” of the wine family, as a result from such devotion and patience. The grapes used for the production of Secolo Novo come from a very precious area of the region, a hill called La Santissima where the soil is characterised by a strong clay content.

The clay-rich soil and the air from the near Alps make these grapes unique. A persistent and elegant perlage remains in the glass. The aroma: freshly baked bread, almonds, dry figs, cloves.

Cantine Bersi Serlini – Provaglio d’Iseo

The Cantine Bersi Serlini “rock”! They’re situated in the heart of the Riserva Naturale Torbiere del Sebino, one of the most beautiful places of the Franciacorta, among charming rows of vineyards. The Bersi Serlini is a dynamic family firm, producing excellent wine and sensorial experiences. 700 years ago, the cellar belonged to Cluny monks, while in 1886 it was acquired by the Bersi Serlini family.

Refurbished 70 years ago by Arturo Serlini, the wine production has maintained a family management.

Chiara’s challenge – one of the Bersi Serlini daughters who, after spending years in London, felt the need to go back to her origins, to her land – is to entertain people in a dynamic and modern environment. For this purpose, she organises events with art and fashion influences. During the last Franciacorta Festival, she organised a cellar tour where people could listen to music through headphones, so that the memory of this visit and tasting would be even more impressive to the guests.

When you come here, you feel welcomed just like at home. The atmosphere is very cool, with lots of young people and buzz.

What we tasted

Franciacorta Cuvée N°4 Millesimato Chardonnay in purity, from the oldest 4 vineyards, cultivated with a bio-precision system. A product that perfectly reflects the brand history.

Franciacorta DOCG Brut “Anteprima”, a blend of Chardonnay 80% and White Pinot 20%, with floral notes and a very elegant perlage. In the end, the aromas left are green apple and toasted bread.

Both Marchesine and Bersi Serlini will take part in the Franciacorta Festival in Milan during the Milano Wine Week.