The Franciacorta Festival is not just an event to put on a calendar. It’s a ritual, a tribute to a region – Lombardy – and to its genuine products. Once you discover Franciacorta, you fall in love with it. Franciacorta is the perfect destination for wine lovers and for those who seek a quiet and cozy touristic place, with the natural beauty of the rolling hills, the beautiful colours, the scent of fields and grapes, and the shimmering view of Lake Iseo.

Franciacorta Festival in Milan - Milano Wine Week

Franciacorta Festival in Milan – Milano Wine Week

When you visit the Franciacorta region, you can take a walk through history by visiting old amazing cloisters, like San Pietro in Lamosa; or beautiful abbeys, like the one of San Nicola in Rodengo Saiano, or even castles.

Franciacorta is a generous land voted to quality viticulture, where vineyards represent a cultural heritage.

Every year, in the two days of the Franciacorta Festival in September, all the cellars – historical and new – open their doors to thousands of visitors. Wine lovers and wine experts can experience wine tasting directly with the producers and listen to their stories, discovering their unconditional love for their vineyards. Still, this passion requires much work and sacrifices, complete devotion, and what comes from it – the wine, as a divine nectar – it’s worth the effort.

For a producer, to share his wine with others means more than money and business.

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