It’s easy to eat well in Tuscany, where gastronomy has ancient roots and has a bond with tradition, while ingredients are sourced as much as it’s possible. Millions of tourist fall in love with this region. Here they can find art, great food and great wine, always surrounded by wonderful landscapes.

Filippo Mud Pietrasanta: Cooking Between Art and Conviviality (Ph. by Alessandra Fenyves)

Filippo Mud Pietrasanta: Cooking Between Art and Conviviality (Ph. by Alessandra Fenyves)

The contemporary Tuscan cuisine is inspired by the union between food, art, and the terroir. And Filippo Mud is an example of this model.

Pietrasanta, the Small Athens

Filippo Mud Pietrasanta: Cooking Between Art and Conviviality (Ph. by Alessandra Fenyves)

Filippo Mud Pietrasanta: Cooking Between Art and Conviviality (Ph. by Alessandra Fenyves)

Filippo Mud is a restaurant based in Pietrasanta, in the province of Lucca. This town, rich in art galleries and masterpieces, is nicknamed Little Athens. In fact, it has a long artisanal tradition in the marble and bronze craftsmanship. Many international artists chose to come here to exhibit their works, and also to live and be constantly inspired for their job.

Filippo Mud opened last year, a place that couldn’t be more appropriate for such an international and arty town. Modern and warm, it’s the perfect venue to experience great food and to share ideas and thoughts like in the old literary cafes. Elegant and intimate, with a relaxing ambience.

At Home or Inside a Literary Cafe

Filippo Mud: cocktail (Ph. by Alessandra Fenyves)

Filippo Mud Pietrasanta: cocktail (Ph. by Alessandra Fenyves)

Wood, velvet and metal are the dominant materials of the interiors, while handcrafted lamps, paintings and sculptures give a precious vibe to the versatile dining-room open space, which can also be easily transformed into an art gallery.

We have been here more than once to witness Filippo’s empathy with his guests and his excellent service.

At the entrance, there’s a little, elegant bar, a prelude to what awaits the guests. Balance, constant research, passion and creativity are the main ingredients of the cocktails and of Filippo Mud’s Brand Identity.

Chef Diego Poli Brings Art Inside the Kitchen

Filippo Mud: open kitchen (Ph. by Alessandra Fenyves)

Filippo Mud Pietrasanta: open kitchen (Ph. by Alessandra Fenyves)

The same ingredients are used in the kitchen under the Guidance of Head Chef Diego Poli, who has a past as Pastry Chef and is a genius of creativity when it comes to realizing a menu.

The wide-open glass window on the kitchen allows clients to admire all the chefs’ movements and talks as if they were actors in a theatre, while delicious smells create a homey atmosphere.

Dishes are good and beautiful at the same time. You can choose a seasonal ingredient from the menu and Diego will deliver a finished recipe on the table with that flavor as the protagonist.

As the dishes reflect the aesthetic of the restaurant, you will be alternate proper food artistic creations with simple recipes such as bollito, to be completed with the colorful homemade side sauces that resemble oil paintings.

Table linens, plates, silverware, glasses: everything is a visual clue for the guests to feel welcomed.

Some Bites from the Menu

Filippo Mud: art in the dining room (Ph. by Alessandra Fenyves)

Filippo Mud Pietrasanta: art in the dining room (Ph. by Alessandra Fenyves)

Filippo Di Bartola, founder of the venue that brings his name and owner of another restaurant in town (La Brigata di Filippo) chose Diego as the perfect Chef to reflect his Brand Identity in his new project.

The love for food and for art, the respect for the traditions and the promotion of the territory will make Filippo Mud become more and more famous.

The local cuisine becomes unique and is presented like poetry: Seafood Platter with Fig Leafs and berries; Smoked hay risotto with carrot and Timut pepper; Agnolotto with hen, apple and celery; Gnocchi with smoked heel; Lamb with pumpkin; Marzipan in a Soufflé.

Brunch Rhymes with Conviviality

Filippo Mud (Ph. by Alessandra Fenyves)

The brunch at Filippo Mud is called Convivial Sunday, indicating the contemporary harmonious atmosphere that you will find, inspired by the traditional Sunday lunch with family or friends, where typical homemade meals and original treats are served.

Filippo Mud is a new exploration of Tuscan food culture in both experimental and traditional ways, preserving its rich flavors and creating an artistic and tasty experience at the same time. And that’s how the ingredients’ alchemy becomes a unique creation.      

Filippo MUD

Via Padre Eugenio Barsanti, 45, 55045 Pietrasanta LU (Italy)

+39 0584 70010