An evening visit to Expo Milan 2015 turns to be a light, music and good food enchantment 

Scared from the endless queues and the heat wave of Expo Milan 2015? We have the solution. An evening visit will allow you to live the universal exposition experience in a calmer, fresher and less crowded way. And the ticket, after 7 Pm, is 5 euros instead of 39! Moreover you could taste a great dinner with typical dishes in one of the various countries pavilions. Here a list of the most stunning pavilion of EXPO 2015 for an evening visit. Not to be missed!


Padiglione Brasile

Maybe not the most beautiful but for sure the funniest: the pavilion of Brazil, it’s day or night, is a challenge for anybody. You go up on a huge elastic net that you have to climb in order to get to the first or the second floor of the pavilion. A balance test for everybody, considering that the net moves under the weight of hundreds visitors. But do not despair, for the weaker (or those with hills) there are stairs as well!


Padiglione Olanda

Dutch caught very literally the food and nourishment theme of Expo Milan 2015. They designed an amusement park looking pavilion, studded with street food stations  serving typical Dutch food. At night the ‘amusement park’ warms up with loud music, lights and a young crowd. Beer in hand, French fries and a lot of fun!


Padiglione Intesa San Paolo

Made through an ancient building technique called ‘scandole’, this pavilion hosts the important art collection of the bank Intesa San Paolo. However the showpiece of the pavilion is the evening lighting that, reflecting on the little artificial lake in front of the pavilion, creates a really evocative effect.


Padiglione Kazakistan

Colors, colors and colors. If during the day the Kazakhstan mirrored pavilion attracts visitors for its inside attractions (among which the big aquarium with Caspian sturgeons from which the renowned Kazakh caviar is made), at night is the exterior of the pavilion to be the real attraction. Rows of photographer stand trying to immortalize the color changings of the pavilion


Padiglione Franciacorta

The little Franciacorta pavilion, though lacking an amazing architecture or psychedelic light effects, is worth a visit to taste a great glass of sparkling wine, symbol of the Italian excellence abroad.


Padiglione Azerbaigian

Three multilevel glass spheres representing three different Azerbaijan biospheres: the climate, the landscape and the culture. Besides the external lighting, inside there are lighted flowered prairies. On the top floor there is a valid restaurant and bar with a great view on the entire Expo site.


Padiglione Repubblica di Corea

Its architecture is inspired to the ‘moon jar’, a traditional Korean ceramics. The Korean pavilion is inspired to respect of nature and to a future sustainable development of world alimentation. A pavilion that seems to come from the moon, in every sense!


Padiglione Emirati Arabi Uniti

Considered by many the most beautiful pavilion of Expo Milan 2015, the United Arab Emirates one has for sure a remarkable architecture. With sand (or similar) ten meters high walls . Designed to be disassembled and reassembled in the UAE, it is energetically sustainable in both the climates (Italy and EAU). Entering the pavilion is like to get in a proper South Arabian desert canyon, lighted by a blue dim light. It seems that in the distance the genie is getting out from Aladdin’s lamp. To taste an oriental night!


Padiglione Enel

A recall to energy is the Enel pavilion, leader company in the supply of light and gas in Europe and Latin America. The pavilion develops as a forest, partially made with high light pipes that change color, partially with real threes. The visitor walks through this energetic forest on a transparent glass catwalk that, at night, has a high impact. Enel could not have done better.


Padiglione Kuwait

The scenography and the night lighting of the Kuwait pavilion doesn’t leave nobody unsatisfied. The structure recalls the ‘dhow’, typical boat of the Arabic Gulf. Overlapping sails draw the facade of this pavilion designed by the architect Italo Rota. The light effects and the projections on the facade are probably the most enchanting of the entire Expo.


Padiglione Argentina

Argentines, as all Latin, we know, are really funny. So even if the pavilion, really interesting in contents, do not stand out for architecture or lighting, it has on the ground floor a big and lively restaurant and bar where to taste delicious argentine meet dishes between music and cheerfulness. ‘Argentina feeds you’ is the theme of the pavilion; it refers to the extensive cultivable lands within the country. And, if you want a suggestion, let it feed you!


Padiglione Polonia

The Poland pavilion is entirely built with wooden boxes for apples that work as bricks in an environmentally friendly way. It holds inside an apple orchard: apple is the main agricultural product of Poland. Moreover, in the evening, the little square in front of the pavilion becomes the showpiece: it becomes a garden with a vodka bar  and a club with disco music. In one word: fun!


Padiglione Irpinia

In the area dedicated to Italy there are few pavilions belonging to regions that, while having a geographic tradition, do not exist politically. Among them the Pavilion of Sudtirol and the pavilion of Irpinia that, anyhow, is one of the most elegant regional pavilion. Lovely lighting in the evening.


Padiglione Israele

The avant-garde pavilion of Israel, ‘Fields of Tomorrow’, epitomizes the huge efforts in the scientific research carried on by the country during the past 70 years to snatch cultivable lands from the Palestinian desert. This concept results visually in a vertical garden (12 meters high) that at night lights of many colors.


Albero della Vita Expo

The main attraction of Expo Milan 2015 is certainly the three of life: colossal tree-shaped structure located in front of the Italian pavilion, surrounded by an artificial lake. Every hour (till 10.30 PM) a very charming performance goes on stage with lights, music and water games. Definitely the must-visit of Expo Milan 2015. 

Words by Federico Sigali

Photos by Federico Sigali