Emilia Romagna is the region of fun nightlife, millennial mosaics, good food, and hospitality. The Italian Eye presents you a trip to the wonderful natural scenery between the Apennines, the Adriatic Sea and the Po river, accompanied by tasty dishes from the culinary tradition.

Aerial view of Bologna - Emilia Romagna typical food

Aerial view of Bologna – Emilia Romagna typical food


Bologna is the red, the fat and the learned.

A city that excels in things that everyone loves and share, from food to community.

The arcades, along with the towers, are the symbols of the city.

For every Bolognese eating well is a priority. In the heart of the ancient market, there are traditional local specialty shops, with salami and handcrafted cheeses. Once there, you can’t miss a stop at the Osteria del Sole, that quenches its guests’ thirst since 1465. The tradition wants everyone to bring their own food to accompany the tavern wine.

Tortellini and tagliatelle - Emilia Romagna typical food

Tortellini and tagliatelle – Emilia Romagna typical food

Osteria del Sole

Vicolo Ranocchi, 1/d, 40124 Bologna BO

+39 347 968 0171

It’s difficult not to mention the Trattoria da Vito, that in the 70’s and 80’s was the venue of the most famous Italian songwriters. Even today it stays as an institution, its dishes being an assurance; the environment is rustic, the place is always crowded.

Trattoria da Vito

Via Mario Musolesi, 9, 40100 Bologna BO

+39 051 349809

The typical dishes of the town are tortellini and tagliatelle with ragù, whose stories are related to two women. The tagliatelle, according to a legend, would have been invented in 1487 by Bolognese cook Zafirano for the wedding of Lucrezia Borgia, and they were inspired by her hair.

Instead, the origins of tortellino are disputed between Modena and Bologna. It’s reported that, in a tavern in Castelfranco Emilia, at the time under Bologna, the chef molded the pasta while inspired by the navel of a beautiful guest lady of the tavern. Others hint to a divine origin, and the navel would be of Venus.


Crescentine with cured meats - Emilia Romagna typical food

Crescentine with cured meats – Emilia Romagna typical food

A flat landscape, marked by some rivers and canals, fertile countryside, farmland skyline and agricultural courts.

Modena sits at the center of the Pianura Padana, in a lucky zone among the production of the famous Parmigiano Reggiano, the traditional balsamic vinegar, the renowned Prosciutto of Parma and the Lambrusco wine.

Some of the typical dishes are gnocco fritto, a fried square focaccia, very good with cured meats and cheeses; and crescentina, also called tigella, by the name of the tool used to make it, which is cooked on the stone and served with lard mixed with rosemary and garlic. A real delight! Obviously here you can find the tortellini too, contended with Bologna, which is a kind of pasta filled with chopped pork and bovine, prosciutto, mortadella and Parmigiano Reggiano.

A must try at least once in life, and to book in advance, is the Osteria Francescana, Massimo Bottura’s restaurant with three Michelin stars. The dishes are refined and of excellent quality.

Osteria Francescana

Via Stella, 22, 41121 Modena MO

+39 059 223912


Pumpkin Cappellacci - Emilia Romagna typical food

Pumpkin Cappellacci – Emilia Romagna typical food

Located on the Po delta, the province of Ferrara is the projection of Emilia towards the sea. Protected by the walls, some of the best preserved in Italy, Ferrara hides timeless corners and stands out as a small capital of culture with an important artistic heritage.

Between the typical dishes, there are the cappellacci di zucca, a first course that seems to date back to 1584, at the court of the Estensi. The word cappellaccio refers to their shape, that is similar to a typical boater of the farmer. According to others, it would be the indication of a minor brotherhood with the tortellini, recalling a largest and rough form.

For a traditional meal, you can go to the Trattoria le Nuvole, where the cuisine is rooted in the territory and the Adriatic fish comes in creative combinations with the flavors of Ferrara.

Trattoria le Nuvole

Via Fondobanchetto, 5, 44121 Ferrara FE

+39 347 259 1995

Riviera Romagnola

Piadina - Emilia Romagna typical food

Piadina – Emilia Romagna typical food

The Riviera Romagnola is a 90 km long stretch of coastline overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

There are many movies and songs that have contributed to the fame of this part of Emilia Romagna. We can quote, for example, the beautiful Amarcord by Fellini, or Abbronzatissimi by Bruno Caburro. A curiosity: the word Amarcord comes from the local dialect and it means “I remember”.

The Romagnola cuisine is full of dishes born from ancient traditions, whose origins come from farmers’ poor food. Symbol of the region is the piadina, which can be found everywhere, starting from kiosks spread in the hills and along the coast, to renowned restaurants. The tradition wants that in the inland the piadina is thicker, while along the coast it’s slimmer. This particular type of bread, originally cooked in a terracotta dish, is stuffed with porchetta, cheeses, cured meats and vegetables according to your taste.

Along the Riviera, there are many bathhouses, each with its characteristics and peculiarities. One of these is Maré, a classic beach bar in the shades of wood, with a raised terrace on the beach, fine cuisine, tapas, and also a shop where you can buy local goodies.


Molo di Levante, 74, 47042 Cesenatico FC

+39 331 147 6563

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