EDIT Turin: A taste for sharing (Photo by Giulia Tedesco)

EDIT Turin: A taste for sharing (Photo by Giulia Tedesco)

EDIT Turin: create and live an immersive experience in the kingdom of food.

What is EDIT?

It’s taste, food, innovation.

It’s a new face of a city that is changing and that is retraining its own spaces, in sight of places and experiences to share together.

If you nip into Turin, stop at EDIT.

From a Factory to a Food&Beverage Hub

In 2015, entrepreneur Marco Brignone purchased the shed of the ex-electric cables factory Incet and transformed it. Specifically, Brignone started a project that would have united the contemporary tendencies of coworking and those of the sharing economy to the endless possibilities of the enogastronomy realm.

This way, EDIT took form and became a space to create, to innovate and to share the culture of food and the passion for the world of food&beverage.

To Share and To Taste. EDIT Opens In Turin

Just in front of the new commercial pole in Via Cigna, the glass doors of EDIT opened for the first time on November 24th, 2017.

Inside the two-story building, the first thing that we meet is the coffee area, modern, fresh and pleasant. From the entrance, the 360° development of the design can already be perceived. It embraces the reception, the pub and the kitchens, opening itself in a harmonious living space.

No wall in sight: only smooth columns, games of metallic black internal structures and drops of crystalline glass.

In fact, at EDIT walls are not contemplated, neither physically, neither mentally. The whole building leads to an open line of sharing. In fact, sharing is the very heart of the EDIT project.

Starting from the coffee area, you can directly get to the information area. From your coffee table, you can see cooks working hard behind the glasses of the open kitchens. You are always connected with all the areas and all the people inside.

And, for the same principle, the kitchens’ equipment is also for sharing. In fact, everyone can book the professional equipment of the pub to produce his own beer. The producers of handicraft beers can use the state-of-the-art production facility of EDIT, under the supervision of some ledger brewers, and thus sharing their own creations at EDIT’s cocktail bar or elsewhere.

Quality&Liberty. Top Chefs and Kitchens for Everybody

In EDIT, all the spaces are shared, as well as food and beverage. Also the restaurant – located on the second floor – includes a big room where everybody can choose and comfortably taste the dishes of the Turinese territory and four shared kitchens. In fact, this second area, still to be opened officially, will open for reservations, to everybody give the opportunity to have some up-to-date tools to try and cook as a professional chef.

Bakery and cocktail bar are therefore to be added to the list of the focal points of EDIT, always headed by stars of the gastronomic firmament. From the king of pizza Renato Bosco to vegan chef Pietro Lema, from the starred Costardi Bros to Barzotto’s bartenders. Each of them, in EDIT, has found a place. Together.

Events: The Queen Is eer!

Then, naturally, in EDIT you can’t avoid partying together!

Almost every week, a new beer takes life among the perfumes of the pub and it’s introduced to the public.

The last event has been on January 30. In this occasion, the gipsies brewers Chicco&Fabio of the Officina Antagonisti have offered their 21 Golden Ale to be tasted. A sip that is really worth gold!

Now we shall simply wait for the next event consulting the official website.

A Micro-Interview to Renato Bosco, the Pizza Man-Artist

Two words from Bosco, interviewed by EDIT.

E: “Why in Turin?”

Bosco: “By chance,” Bosco says with a wink.

E: “A message for those who will come to EDIT?”

Bosco: “You will find the lightness you need.”