In today’s increasingly hectic world, travel is more accessible than ever before. We live with a generation of jetsetters: we can step outside our front doors and be on the other side of the world in less than a day. Matching the modern popularity of travel is a contemporary resurgence of travel photography that gets to the heart of a location and brings it to the attention of people around the globe. With the world at their feet, travel photographers have an endless supply of photo opportunities to explore. The world’s beauties have never been more accessible. Armed with their cameras, contemporary travel photographers are turning their twenty-first century wanderlust into the perfect photographs.

Determined to showcase the world to their peers – and presenting a challenge to the ‘Generation Instagram’ – a wave of contemporary travel photographers are proving that the art of photography is still very much alive. With the world as their playground and a lust for the perfect shot, here are the top 10 contemporary travel photographers in the world right now.

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