If you’re in Milan and want to discover new mixology trends and great bartending, here are two places that truly deserve a visit. They will surprise you with their mysterious atmosphere and seduce you with amazing cocktails.

The Spirit Milano

Cocktail Bar Milan: The Spirit Milan

Cocktail Bar Milan: The Spirit Milano

The Spirit Milano has opened last year near Porta Romana under the direction of Francesco Bacchi.  This place has a dark, fascinating atmosphere, starting right from the entrance, with its black metal door covered with studs. The sense of mystery continues with the Victorian design details, like the blue velvet seats and the mahogany wood counter with onyx inlays, backlit.

Here you’ll find only premium products, like the Ron Gran Reserva from Don Q Distillery in Puerto Rico, regarded among the best spirits in the world, or like the Pisco Nusta, from the Peruvian distillery Macchu Pisco, which exists in 100 bottles only. Other great findings are rare whiskeys like the Rare Cask Macallan and the Nikka, together with artisanal Mezcal.

The drink list changes every season, as with fashion collections. The latter is called Choose your drink, make your bet, inspired by casino and gambling.

Our Cocktail Choice

Cocktail Bar Milan: The Spirit Milan - Not A Club Soda

Cocktail Bar Milan: The Spirit Milano – Not A Club Soda

Not a Club Soda. Spicy, fresh and light.

Shanghai – Punch for two people. A wintry drink served as in a tea ritual with two cups and a teapot

Atlantis Bahamas. Inspired by the Casino Atlantis in Nassau, Antilles. The ingredients are typical from the Bahamas, like rice, cinnamon, chipotle, mint and citrus.

The Spirit Milano

Via Piacenza, 15, 20135 Milano, Italy

+39 02 8457 0612

Milord Milano

Cocktail Bar Milan: Milord Milan - Caribbean cocktail

Cocktail Bar Milan: Milord Milano – Caribbean cocktail

Milord Milano is the second mixology must in Milan. A chic, fun and grunge atmosphere welcomes you. The dining choice is a plus. It’s located between Corso Buenos Aires and Piola, in Piazza Gian Lorenzo Bernini, a cool residential area.

Here you’ll find a selection of rare brands from all over the world.

Once inside, it’ll seem like being in any European capital or even in New York. The feeling will last until you taste the splendid aperitivo Milanese and the spaghetti alle vongole.

Milord Milano has a thing for excellent products, coming from the constant research of new trends in mixology by a great team.

Cristian Lodi opened Milord Milano in 2013, creating a place suitable for cocktail freaks and bartenders who appreciate a cool ambient with a strong identity, and where the client can be seduced by amazing drinks and an intriguing atmosphere.

The Venue

Cocktail Bar Milan: Milord Milan - Japan cocktail

Cocktail Bar Milan: Milord Milano – Japan cocktail

A big counter at the entrance, a backlit wall covered with precious bottles. You can sit at the counter and be astounded by the bartenders’ acrobatics. Design and furniture are modern and original, and soft red lights are the protagonists, together with a chandelier, a black and white wall that resembles a chess board, and even a piano.

Milord Milano also has a secret room in the basement, a sort of underground disco pub reserved only for very secret occasions.

The Cocktails and Their Creators

Cocktail Bar Milan: Milord Milan's team

Cocktail Bar Milan: Milord Milano’s team

Original, balanced, innovative. Every drink has its own story to tell. Cristian Lodi is a fabulous mixologist, winner of bartending competitions, and a perfect entertainer. The team is completed by Patrick and Ricky, the other talented bartenders.

Food Pairings

Cocktail Bar Milan: Milord Milan - Italia cocktail

Cocktail Bar Milan: Milord Milano – Italia cocktail

Cristian has a great Passion for drinks and he has also created a sensorial journey, a food pairing experience where each cocktail has the name of a destination.


Cocktail: Campari, Vermouth, Acquavite pear shrub. Paired with whole grain bread, thyme, Parmesan cheese and dry cherry tomato.


Cocktail: Bourbon whiskey, walnut brew, pear and lemon water syrup. Accompanied by a mini burger with mushrooms, brie cheese and caramelized onions.


Cocktail: Gin, Matcha tea syrup, citrus fruits, umeshu. Accompanied by a tuna roll with vegetables in a rice leaf.


Cocktail: Tequila, Angostura, lime, Lapsang tea syrup, grapefruit soda, salt. Accompanied by a taquito filled with pork seasoned in aguacate and coriander sauce.


Cocktail: Appleton reserve blend, Wray&Nephew overproof, Falernum, lime, shrub. Paired with a shrimp tartare in patacon.

Before commencing your journey, you’ll even receive a passport with a stamp for each cocktail and a final surprise.

Milord Milano

Piazza Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 20133 Milan, Italy

+39 02 3673 7141