Seville is definitely not short of sumptuous palaces and breathtaking corners. In every street you can breathe the sweet Andalusian life, together with the vivre et laisser vivre typical of Mediterranean people. A strong Arabian footprint gives to Seville that exotic touch that makes it an architectonical masterpiece. The most stunning private palace of the city is Casa de Pilatos, house of the Dukes of Medinaceli.

The third most visited monument in Seville, after the Cathedral and the Alcazar, is Casa de Pilatos. The palace is an exceptional example of mudejar art, the architectural style characterized by the fusion of Islamic and Christian elements, and it’s even more peculiar because of Italian Reinassance-style elements.

Casa de Pilatos, an exclusive visit to Seville's most beautiful private palace

Casa de Pilatos, an exclusive visit to Seville’s most beautiful private palace

The Italian Eye discovers the secrets of this palace with the help of two special guides: Sol and Luna Medina, the last generation of the Medinaceli. Both manage the family hotel, Las Casas de la Judería; both are young, entrepreneurial and happy to show to the world the exceptional house where all their family has been living.

The details inside Casa de Pilatos are unique: a progression of courtyards, columns, statues, fountains, gardens, and also patios, arches and exotic trees.

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