Codeword: positive vibes. Jewelry designer Carolina Ravarini is all about that philosophy while she puts happiness at the core of her creations. In this chat with The Italian Eye she shares her vision, her history, and the places of her heart in the city that she calls home: Milan.

Carolina Ravarini Jewels

Carolina Ravarini Jewels

Is there a specific story behind this collection? Where you inspired by a particular episode or life moment?

My collections are born from a bundle of emotions; since I was very little, I’ve always loved to mix colors and shapes, experimenting with new materials while maintaining the idea of an ornament-jewel that elicits positive emotions in the viewer. 

What comes first in your creative process: shape, material, or color? How does a jewel come to life in your mind?

Shape is what comes first in my creative process. On the base of what I’ve decided to create, of which emotion the jewel should elicit, I determine the material – stone or metal – along with its dimensions and color. The jewels are born, without any doubt, from the “beautiful creations” of humans and nature; to grow up surrounded by beauty and being able to keep on searching for an aesthetic ideal are my core elements.

Carolina Ravarini Jewels - St. Petersburg Ring

Carolina Ravarini Jewels – St. Petersburg Ring

Is there a jewel that holds a warm spot in your heart? Or that may have affected your career as an artist?

I’m really fond of the Lecce ring: it was the first ring I created with a technique that was different from my exclusive “Rosario” one. It came from a design I created when I was little with a silver thread and two pincers; the connection between this ring and the whole stone world is immediate, it comes from the willingness of evoking a positive sentiment through elements that are radically different between each other. In fact, the snake portrayed in Lecce is an agatodemone, the good serpent of the ancient Romans.

Do your creations speak about yourself or do you always choose new and non-personal narrations?

Through my collections, I’m able to narrate my world: I’m really meteoropathic, and I need to be surrounded by colorful and cheerful things. I’m also a lover of symbols, so I’m always representing colors and shapes with a positive symbology. Just like the elephant, the laurel, the ivy, the color yellow, and many other elements of my collections.

Carolina Ravarini Jewels - Maria Giulia Pendant

Carolina Ravarini Jewels – Maria Giulia Pendant

Do you have any corner where you hide to create? What is your favorite place to let your creativity loose?

I always create while sitting on the desk of my show-room: there, I can gather the ideas and start assembling them. I believe there are days where you should not even try to do anything, while others bring a rush of creativity and you have to ride the wave by drafting and sketching.

Apart from your creative process, what are your favorite places in Milan? Is there a particular place in your city that elicits positive vibes?

I love to be at the kiosk under the trees of piazza Mentana, a simple place that will always put a smile upon your face. Other places I love for a nice coffee break or a dive into culture are the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum and the Museo del Novecento. Also, every time I have some spare time and I’m strolling around via Torino, I peek inside San Satiro Church, the perfect example of beauty that puts you in a good mood!

Carolina Ravarini Jewels - Museo del Novecento, Milan

Carolina Ravarini Jewels – Museo del Novecento, Milan

Yet maybe, among all the others, my real talisman in Milan is to try and catch a glimpse of the Madonnina at night from wherever I’m at. I know, it’s a bit of a Milanese thing, but it brings me some kind of peace and joy to see it, even from afar, with the lovely light that she emanates even from a distance. 

What does positive vibes really mean to you?

Positive vibes it’s a lifestyle for me; it means being surrounded by positive people, cheerful colors, shapes that remind of happy moments that you keep in the tiny drawers of your mind. It means to live with a smile upon your lips, something that this world may try to steal from you, but that brings joy to your everyday life. Positive vibes means yellow, sun, and light.

Carolina Ravarini Jewels - La Madonnina (Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash)

Carolina Ravarini Jewels – La Madonnina (Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash)

How can you translate all these emotions into a jewel?

Since I was little, I’ve always tried to recreate my small happy world through a selection of stones that have a “point of yellow”, like a small fragment of Sun inside of them. Even when I don’t use the stones, I’m always bringing the “point of yellow” through the material’s inclination or the shape: every piece is designed to “catch” the sunrays and reflect the light, making the jewels’ owner a spreader of beauty. The light – the color yellow – expresses positivity and opposes itself to the blue – the darkness, – a color that I don’t use if it’s not mixed with very bright hues.