Feel a craving for Italian pizzerias in London but don’t know where to go? From popular street food markets to appealing restaurants, the best pizza spots do know how to make one eager for a slice. Don’t hesitate and take a look at The Italian Eye Magazine’s special selection of top Italian pizzerias in London. Trust us, even London can bring you a thorough Italian experience.


Homeslice - The best Italian pizzerias in London

Homeslice – The best Italian pizzerias in London

+44 20 3151 7488

Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden

54 Wells Street, Fitzrovia

374-378 Old Street, Shoreditch

Homeslice was firstly introduced to its customers at street markets in east London, selling pizza slice by slice. Since then, they managed to open three restaurants across the city, all located in attractive areas, offering even more attractive pizzas and wines. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the classics such as Margherita, or if you like to try unusual toppings: Homeslice offers both. You can still buy it by the slice, as in their best tradition. If you do feel bold, go for the 20 inches’ pie, which is perfect for sharing (aka: it’s gigantic).

Pizza East

Pizza East - The best Italian pizzerias in London

Pizza East – The best Italian pizzerias in London

+44 20 7729 1888

56 Shoreditch High Street, Shoreditch

79 Highgate Road, Kentish Town

310 Portobello Road, Notting Hill  

A place where modern industrial interior design meets tempting food offers. Pizza East, situated in Shoreditch, Kentish Town and Notting Hill, it’s specialised in Italian cuisine in general; however, wood oven pizzas are their masterpiece. Unique toppings, fresh ingredients, ideal crispy crust will all leave you in need for another visit.

If you feel like doing some east London exploring, try their Shoreditch restaurant that used to be a tea warehouse. Notting Hill’s branch might be nice to visit after wandering around famous Portobello Market, since it stands in the middle of the market itself. North Londoners have Pizza East at their doorstep, in Kentish Town, with an authentic rustic dining style. 

Franco Manca

Franco Manca - The best Italian pizzerias in London

Franco Manca – The best Italian pizzerias in London

+44 20 7580 1913

For the complete list of locations visit

London’s beloved pizzeria Franco Manca combines reasonable prices, cute interior and notorious sourdough pizzas. If you crave a nice dinner with your friends without spending a fortune, Franco Manca is the right choice. It has previously been labeled as one of the best pizzerias in London, especially because of the quality of its products.

The restaurant supports local, organic production of tomatoes, and independent cheese producers from Britain.

L’Antica Pizzeria

L'Antica Pizzeria - The best Italian pizzerias in London

L’Antica Pizzeria – The best Italian pizzerias in London

+44 20 7431 8516

66 Heath Street, Hampstead

This amazing hidden gem is based in Hampstead, North London. L’Antica is a cozy spot with Neapolitan heritage, which can be tasted in every single slice of their pizza. You can start your evening with a sophisticated glass of Prosecco or a satisfying aperitif such as Spritz or Campari Orange, together with a bite of bruschetta.

The restaurant serves Italian culture on the plate, as you can order pizzas named Marco Polo, Sophia Loren or even Dante Alighieri.

Goppa’ Pizzeria

Goppa's Pizzeria - The best Italian pizzerias in London

Goppa’s Pizzeria – The best Italian pizzerias in London

+44 7776 192723

106 Homerton High Street, Hackney 

When you first enter East London’s Goppa’ Pizzeria, you get a friendly and original feeling. This restaurant is made for a romantic date or a family dinner, thanks to their homely atmosphere.

Goppa’ brought their meal traditions all the way from Sardinia, wanting to introduce them to new customers and Italian food lovers. Their creamy, fresh Burrata cheese is an excellent start that will prepare your taste buds for a main course. Look forward to thin pizza base and heavenly, mouthwatering toppings.

Tomo Pizzeria

Tomo Pizzeria - The best Italian pizzerias in London

Tomo Pizzeria – The best Italian pizzerias in London

+44 20 8348 0099

88 High Street, Hornsey 

Tomo is a small, family-run restaurant, as well as a winner of Open Table’s Diners’ Choice 2014 and 2016, providing its customers with purely Italian experience in London. They offer an essential wine list, distinctive Italian flours, and pizza toppings that are typical yet divine. Londoners adore this lovely spot for its services, prices and, of course, unforgettable taste.

Voodoo Ray’s

Voodoo Ray's - The best Italian pizzerias in London

Voodoo Ray’s – The best Italian pizzerias in London

+44 20 7033 4100

Boxpark, Units 1-3, 2 Bethnal Green Road

Dalston, 95 Kingsland High Street

Camden, Camden Market, Unit 92/1, North Yard

Whenever you yearn for a big slice of pizza, this place is great for a quick bite. It first began its life in 2012 in Boxpark (Shoreditch), which has a strong East London feeling. Now, pizza lovers can find it at two other locations.

According to Voodoo Ray’s, two of their slices are equivalent to an 11-inch pizza. You definitely won’t leave with an empty stomach! Their specialty is New York-style pizza, using the best Italian tomatoes for Napoletana sauce. Voodoo Ray’s original and alternating seasonal toppings will make you relish in every bite. 

Pepe Italian Street Food

Pepe Italian Street Food - The best Italian pizzerias in London

Pepe Italian Street Food – The best Italian pizzerias in London

+44 20 7287 3777

57 St Martin’s Lane, Covent Garden

27 Old Compton Street, Soho

If there’s one thing London does well, it’s surely street food. Pepe in Covent Garden and Soho is a proud example. The convenient location is very useful for both tourists and locals, after a day spent discovering London’s treasures or for a short break at lunch.

One naturally can’t resist when they display tempting, freshly baked pizzas in their window-case. Pepe’s Italian Street Food is made out of high quality ingredients, which together form an interesting range of pizzas. The classics are abundant in tomato sauce, softly melted cheese or spicy Italian salame.

Fundi Pizza

Fundi - The best Italian pizzerias in London

Fundi – The best Italian pizzerias in London

Kerb – Camden Market, Camden Town

Dinerama – 19 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch

Camden Town is a popular lively area, due to its peculiar ambience, stirring nightlife and food market. The very market attracts anyone who likes a different kind of gastronomic experience. Between rich and gooey Mac n Cheese and Venezuelan wraps, the Neapolitan style pizzas by Fundi Pizza, cooked in handcrafted wood-fired ovens, definitely stands out.

Their artisanal pizzas are baked for 90 seconds and the smell certainly makes your wait less troublesome. Hop on the Northern line and enjoy Fundi’s fantastic Pepperoni or unusual Affumicata, with smoked mozzarella cheese and pancetta

Italian Pizza Connection

Italian Pizza Connection - The best Italian pizzerias in London

Italian Pizza Connection – The best Italian pizzerias in London

+44 20 7229 3536

94 Bishop’s Bridge Road, Bayswater

2 Rainville Road, Fulham

Last but not least, this pizzeria sports a genuine Italian spirit. Be prepared for 13 or 18-inch large and well-prepared pizzas. Toppings vary: you can even get a vegetarian Calzone or Seafood special with the freshest ingredients.

The restaurant has its own pizza chef, who prepares pies using traditional Italian flour and a stone oven. If you feel lazy and want to have a calm night in, you can also order from Italian Pizza Connection, as their Fulham branch does free delivery to a lot of areas in West London.