Summer has ended, but for travellers departing in low season is emotional as it is departing from June to August. Croatia, in a particular way, is an ever-changing place that blooms in autumn. Its several beautiful environments plus its ancient villages offer to travellers unique experiences. Here is where to go and what to do this autumn in Croatia.

Plitvice Lake - Autumn in Croatia

Plitvice Lake – Autumn in Croatia

During autumn, Croatia is really a place able to surprise you and to be discovered with pleasure.

Croatia looks out on the Adriatic Sea and it extends itself for 5,000 kilometres. In total there are five states near Croatia: Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Hungary. Its coasts are unique and its water perfectly crystal; moreover, it would be impossible to not talk about its beautiful cities.

Among these, a special mention goes for sure to its capital, Zagreb, but even Dubrovnik deserves a visit, a place that has already been named Unesco World Heritage. Passing by the majestic slopes of Plitvice’s lake, then, you’ll be able to do paragliding to Split’s Island.

Do not leave without trying the excellent eno-gastronomic products of Istria, and remember the possibility to have a birdwatching experience in Kopacki Rit Park.

Dubrovnik - Autumn in Croatia

Dubrovnik – Autumn in Croatia

The great Ice Village in Zagreb

Croatia’s capital is able to come to life even in autumn. It would be impossible to not travel to Zagreb and its great Ice Village. Its main feature is the big skating rink that every traveller will find it in King Tomislav’s square.

For the foodies, indeed, it’s even possible to try typical Croatian specialities. We suggest to not leave without tasting at least once the Sarma (cabbage rolls), Kobasice (sausages) and Pecenka (pig roast on a spit). 

Another highlight to visit is Ban Jelačić’s square, the main square of the city.

King Tomislav's Square - Autumn in Croatia

King Tomislav’s Square – Autumn in Croatia

Zadar and Modrič Cave in Rovanjska

To admire stalagmites cave is something unique and to do at least once in life. In Croatia, and in particular in Zadar’s area, there are the Modrič Caves in Rovanjska. It would be better to book the visit in time so that, thanks to an expert guide, all the travellers may visit these hidden underground wonders.

Equipped with particular jumpsuits and helmets, you’ll enter the caves and remain speechless while admiring this nature’s incredible beauty. Even today, in fact, Modrič Cave are still preserved without any human addition, from rails to lights too strong that could damage the environment.

Modric's Cave - Autumn in Croatia

Modric’s Cave – Autumn in Croatia

Modric, Paklenica National Park, Croazia

+385 98 348 437

Varazdinske Toplice’s Spa

A common tradition among ancient Romans was that to attend great thermal baths in Croatia. Among these, even today, it’s possible to visit the Varazdinske Toplice’s Spa. At a distance of almost 20 minutes from Varazdin, in the northern part of the region, you’ll find this hidden thermal paradise. Modern and full of comfort, this Spa has got all the right stuff to give you a day full of relaxing.

The Varazdinske Toplice’s Spa is also placed in a special town, able to bring the travellers back in time. Behind the modern thermal you’ll also find the remains of the Aquae lasae: a Roman ancient bath.

Varazdinske Toplice's Spa - Autumn in Croatia

Varazdinske Toplice’s Spa – Autumn in Croatia

Trg slobode 16, 42223 Varaždinske Toplice

+385 (0)42 633 133