An antidote to reality. Or, better yet, a dive into a reality that used to be. That’s what Summer 2020 in Ibiza looks like. In a world that collapsed and is now starting to get back to its feet, the Balearic island stands tall. Like a beacon of tranquillity in an agitated sea. While human life was forcefully paused for months, Nature took its almost-magical course, giving back an island as majestically luxuriant as ever. At the heart of it, is Atzaró.

Atzaró Ibiza - Redesigning Summer 2020 (Ph. Alessandro Garzi)
Atzaró Ibiza – Redesigning Summer 2020 (Ph. Alessandro Garzi)

Located in the very centre of Ibiza, the five-star hotel Atzaró Agroturismo already looked as it was born to aid those in need of a sweet escape to restore their energies. Now that it has reopened after months of lockdown and pandemic alarm, entering Atzaró feels like stepping into a Balearic Garden of Eden.

Fragrant greeneries, abundant lotus ponds, turquoise pools, cascading bougainvillaeas. The colours of the Agroturismo would already be enough to inebriate the senses and soothe the soul. With an estate that stretches for 13 hectares in the red-soiled countryside, Atzaró’s property plays the rest of the magic, inviting visitors to leave worries and anxieties at the door while they are free to live in an ample and well-organised space.

Atzaró Ibiza in Summer 2020

Atzaró Ibiza: Redesigning Summer 2020 - Reception (Ph. Alessandro Garzi)
Atzaró Ibiza: Redesigning Summer 2020 – Reception (Ph. Alessandro Garzi)

Even with all the 24 bedrooms booked, there’s no way Atzaró gets crowded. The artfully crafted environment ensures that everybody will find their own private spot even in communal areas. Whether you’re lounging on a Balinese bed near the natural water pool, sipping a cocktail on the porch of your Ibiza-style casita or sunbathing next to the sauna pod, you’ll feel like the place is all for you to enjoy.

It’s no wonder that health and safety measures were actually easy to adopt here, also thanks to the high-level standards of service that Atzaró has always sought. Some special actions were of course taken in light of the recent sanitary emergency: dining tables, daybeds and sunbeds are all set 2 meters apart and the staff constantly wears face masks and gloves, which are also available for guests in each room. Hand sanitiser and handwashing facilities are freely available, and all the rooms get completely disinfected between guests.

What To Do at Atzaró Ibiza

Atzaró Ibiza: Redesigning Summer 2020 - Bougainvilleas (Ph. Alessandro Garzi)
Atzaró Ibiza: Redesigning Summer 2020 – Bougainvilleas (Ph. Alessandro Garzi)

First things first: while at Atzaró, you won’t feel compelled to do anything. Even strolling around the property between gardens and terraces, gazing at the flowers and taking pictures of the amazing scenery feels like a satisfying and restorative activity.

The very Agroturismo’s design will guide your eyes and movements towards a complete enjoyment of the space around you. Starting from the bedrooms, all with different and distinct aesthetics that blend precious linens with earthly materials, Indonesian hints and Ibicencan white-and-gold combinations. Curated by the hotel group’s interior design company, Atzaró Design, the experience of the environment all around the property pushes the visitor to rediscover how human and natural artefacts can come together seamlessly, the one exalted by the other.

Atzaró Ibiza: Redesigning Summer 2020 - La Veranda (Ph. Alessandro Garzi)
Atzaró Ibiza: Redesigning Summer 2020 – La Veranda (Ph. Alessandro Garzi)

Atzaró Spa & La Veranda

The deep contact with nature perdures at the Atzaró Spa, which caters the botanicals for its signature treatments directly from the Spa Garden, a triumph of herbs and greens where to lounge and discover the healing power of plants. At the Spa, you’ll find a vast menu of massages and beauty treatments, all performed by skilful staff members on appointment and even in one’s own bedroom.

To continue on the path of the harmonisation between the inside and the outside, you may have lunch or dinner at La Veranda. The spectacular restaurant features dishes whose ingredients are directly harvested by the Atzaró Vegetable Garden, in full Zero Km (almost Zero Meters) fashion. Set under a dreamy wrought iron pergola, the alfresco dining of La Veranda soothes guests with a seasonal menu that mixes Ibicenco traditions and international inspirations. From unexpected delights such as the cherry gazpacho to everlasting favourites as the Jamon plate to off-menu surprises like creamy burratina and Wagyu meat entrecôte.


Atzaró Ibiza: Redesigning Summer 2020 - Aubergine by Atzaró (Ph. Alessandro Garzi)
Atzaró Ibiza: Redesigning Summer 2020 – Aubergine by Atzaró (Ph. Alessandro Garzi)

Speaking of exceptional dining experiences, during summer, Atzaró also brings its charms outside of the main property’s borders. With a less-than-15 minutes drive in a hilly landscape dotted by half-hidden villas and splendid fincas, you’ll arrive at Aubergine by Atzaró. And it will be like landing in a fairytale scenery (or in a Pinterest board, for the most social media addicted).

Set in a restored finca in the countryside near Santa Gertrudis, Aubergine takes the concept of farmer-to-table food to another level. The terraces and the astonishing pergola blend effortlessly with the fields all around, with the romantic pastel olive green hues of the furniture looking like a natural extension of the vegetable and herb gardens that side the restaurant. The rustic flavour of the ancient place remains, with the plastered white walls and beamed ceilings of the cozy interior; yet, it’s sweetened by an attentive work of restoration of vintage furniture that brings light to the environment without altering its authenticity.

Atzaró Ibiza: Redesigning Summer 2020 - Aubergine by Atzaró (Ph. Alessandro Garzi)
Atzaró Ibiza: Redesigning Summer 2020 – Aubergine by Atzaró (Ph. Alessandro Garzi)

And while the bougainvillaeas reign once again above the guests’ heads, the seasonal and mostly vegetable-based menu brings to the table a kaleidoscope of scents, colours and flavours. From the mouth-watering roasted aubergine carpaccio with cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, pomegranate, dates, pistachio and rocket pesto to the tasty Turkish aubergine stuffed with beef and lamb meat, honey and spices and the Quinoa risotto with garlic, chilli, spinach, coconut milk and cherry tomatoes, all to be accompanied by a freshly-made organic juice or a glass of local wine.

One special tip: come here at the end of the day. It will be like dining with the colours of the sunset in your plate.


Yet another positive element of a post-lockdown vacation in Ibiza: the beaches as more pristine than ever. Crystal clear waters and soft sands speak of the island’s bright past, before mass tourism and 24/7 movida.

It’s safe to say that there’s no better time as now to go to beaches like Cala Nova, with its natural glamour and dazzling sea. Here Atzaró Beach has finally reopened, the go-to place for whoever desires a comfortable day on the beach in a pampering environment with a rustic-chic design, a restaurant with flavoursome plates to share and fresh cocktails all day long. The pairing of the boho decorations made of light wood and straw with the bright turquoise of the calm playa is a feast for the eyes.

Atzaró Ibiza: Redesigning Summer 2020 - Atzaró Beach (Ph. Atzaró Beach)
Atzaró Ibiza: Redesigning Summer 2020 – Atzaró Beach (Ph. Atzaró Beach)

For an even more laid-back experience, head to the Atzaró Chiringuito, nicely planted between the dunes of Cala Nova. Like a beach bar from a less stressful age, the Chiringuito welcomes you with a scenic view of the Mediterranean nature and sea. All to be accompanied by tapas, cocktails and dishes made with delicious organic ingredients directly from Atzaró’s vegetable gardens.

Atzaró Chiringuito
Atzaró Ibiza: Redesigning Summer 2020 – Atzaró Chiringuito (Ph. Atzaró Chiringuito)

Redesigning Summer 2020

As a final note, spending some time in Ibiza and at Atzaró during Summer 2020 may not only be a wonderful pleasure, but also a source of new teachings: moving towards a more sustainable, relaxed and selected type of tourism is possible, and it’s happening. Ibiza has been capable to create powerful touristic trends in the past and it’s doing it again, in a more subtle yet decisive and pervasive way: through facilities and venues that have opted for crafting the environment while respecting it instead of subjugating it to the needs of the masses.

Reconnecting with nature, selecting the experiences without being taken by the fear of missing out, savouring the moment and the energy of a place, recharging while basking in the beauty of a landscape, is all in our hands to take. And it starts from a precious dot of land in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.