From Giovanni Boldini to Mimmo Rotella, from Audrey Hepburn on an Air France flight to King Kong on the Empire State Building: here are all the must-see art exhibits in Piedmont for Fall 2017.

Have a nice time: from Kounellis to Shiota

Domodossola, Palazzo San Francesco art Piedmont

Until October 15th

Chiharu Shiota, Uncertain Journey, 2016, Southern Berlin – Art Piedmont Fall 2017

Chiharu Shiota, Uncertain Journey, 2016, Southern Berlin – Art Piedmont Fall 2017

An exhibition focusing on a geographical perspective, “Have a nice time” showcases 24 artworks exploring contemporary art from 1995 to these days. Starting from Scandinavia, with Jenni Hiltunnen, and Anneé Olofsson, the journey continues to Spain, exploring the work of Bernardi Roig and Daniel Canogar. Antony Gormley, Marcus Harvey, Jason Martin, Julian Opie e Gavin Turk take us back to the white cliffs of Dover, before crossing the sea again to meet with Joerg Lozek and Max Neumann in their native Germany. Crossing the Alps, we get to explore the Italian side of contemporary art with Mimmo Paladino, Giovanni Manfredini, Massimo Kaufmann, Franco Rasma, Peppe and Lucio Perone. After a short stop in Greece with Jannis Kounellis, Spencer Tunick and Ximena Garrido Lecca take us to the USA, before travelling the Ocean and landing on the shores of Japan with Chiharu Shiota.

Io Non Amo la Natura. Italian Pop Art

Cuneo, San Francesco Monumental Complex

Until October 22nd

Artworks of the Italian Pop Art coming from Turin GAM Museum are currently displayed on the antique walls of San Francesco, a deconsecrated church in the city of Cuneo.  The selected pieces – first and foremost Mario Schifano’s triptych after which the exhibition itself has been named – aim to illustrate the authentic and independent character of Italian Pop Art from its American counterparty. The other showcased contributions come from Jannis Kounellis, Valerio Adami, Tano Festa, Piero Gilardi, Pino Pascali, Michelangelo Pistoletto and Mimmo Rotella.

Franco Fontana: Landscapes

Turin, Palazzo Madama

Until October 23rd

Italian genius photographer Franco Fontana. The effort is to illustrate Fontana’s idea of anti-naturalistic and non-documentary photography through 25 pictures, coming from his Landscape series, in which colour and lights as a visual representation of emotions serve as actual subjects for the shot. 

Between Guercino and de Nittis

Domodossola, Casa de Rodis

Until October 28th

Casa de Rodis is a medieval small palace, recently renovated and currently serving as an art gallery for the city of Domodossola, in the Ossola Valley. It is currently hosting two private collections, coming from Antonio Ceci and Alessandro Poscio, that contain works illustrating the relationship between man and nature in a rural landscape. Other than canvas from baroque artist Guercino and impressionist De Nittis, the exhibition displays paintings from Macchiaioli representative Giovanni Fattori and Pellizza da Volpedo, author of The Fourth Estate, a painting that has become a symbol for socialist causes in Italy. 

Eugenio Tibaldi – Second Chance

Torino, MEF

Until November 29th

Alba native artist Eugenio Tibaldi returns to Piedmont after his Neapolitan period for an exhibition celebrating suburban Turin, combining abandoned items, previous artworks and new. Tibaldi, who has always had a penchant for life in the suburbs, has lived a whole year in the Barriera di Milano district in order to fully observe its dynamics and its transformation, which he aims to convey through his art.

Lorenzo Mattotti: Ghirlanda and other worlds

Ivrea, Museo Garda

Until December 9th

Illustrator, painter and eclectic artist, Lorenzo Mattotti has gained an international reputation thanks to his collaborations with Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan and the New Yorker. Arguably his most famous collaboration is “Ghirlanda”, a graphic novel born after a ten-year-long effort alongside American writer Jerry Kramsky. The exhibition currently hosted at Museo Garda in Ivrea showcases artwork from Ghirlanda, from his borderline-surrealist rendition of Ludovico Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso and from Enzo d’Alò’s Pinocchio, for which he created a kaleidoscopic scenography.

Les Stars Sur La Passerelle

Turin, Eataly Lounge

Until December 31st

Air France’s exposition rotates around 14 pictures of movie stars from the Fifties and the Sixties, like Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich and Kirk Douglass, portrayed while boarding an Air France flight or already on board. The site of the exhibit is the Eataly lounge, inside the magnificent Mole Antonelliana, which also hosts Turin National Cinema Museum.

Beastly! Animal Film Stars

Turin, National Cinema Museum

Until January 8th

Turin National Cinema Museum prepares for winter with an exhibition celebrating animal film stars. The history of these figures on the border between animal and human is told through photographs, costumes and animatronics coming from NBC Universal Archives and Collection, Cinématique française and 1996 Academy Award Winner John Cox’s own private collection.

Giovanni Boldini

Turin, Reggia di Venaria

Until January 28th

More than 100 oil and pastel paintings are displayed in the luscious rooms of the Palace of Venaria. They illustrate the controversy of women throughout the Gilded Age. Giovanni Boldini has lived his life between France and Italy and has portrayed endless female faces and silhouettes, aiming to reconstruct a more intimate and mysterious dimension than the one their pompous and bright clothes aimed to convey.