If you’re never tired of discovering the world, but you also want to get off the beaten paths, here are 3 websites where to book your alternative travels. Between mysterious journeys, cultural immersions and adventures with the locals.

Blindfold Travel: A Journey To Be Discovered

Alternative Travels - Blindfold Travel

Alternative Travels – Blindfold Travel

If you are too busy with work to think about your next holiday, too undecided about where to go, too confused by the best deals, or just too lazy to plan your trip, you should rely on Blindfold Travel. This agency will take care of all your travel planning and it won’t even require you to make the effort to choose the destination, as it will surprise you by doing it for you. It may sound a bit crazy, but it is already something real.

Blindfold Travel offers a complete package with flights and overnight stays in a European city. The customer is only asked to choose the budget and fill out a questionnaire to indicate wishes and preferences. Blindfold Travel organises your holiday from the starting point to the end by providing all the useful information to travellers, who reach the airport completely unaware of their destination. Before leaving, a package containing the various directions arrives at home, and a series of numbered envelopes guide you step by step to the discovery of the journey as in a treasure hunt.

The only important elements to know are the departure date, time and some hints about what to bring with you; but it’s only shortly before leaving that boarding passes are sent by email. The surprises continue with other offers already included in the package, such as guided tours, museum tickets and many other activities. If you are already curious and want to find out more, you will be amazed!

A Low-Budget Trip with Workaway

Alternative Travels - Workaway

Alternative Travels – Workaway

An alternative, adventurous, cheap, supportive and fun way to travel really does exist! It is called Workaway and it combines travel, work and volunteering. Depending on the destination, the traveller receives board and lodging from a host family. In return, guests should devote part of their time to a series of tasks listed in the announcement, ranging from helping at home with cooking, cleaning, painting and looking after children, to outdoor activities such as helping on the farm or in the garden.

In addition to families, there are small businesses, humanitarian organizations and hostels that offer those kind of stays. The purpose of the trip, in addition to giving the opportunity to travel the world with very little money, is to improve the knowledge of the local language, to meet new people, to make international friends, to broaden one’s horizons, to discover new cultures and to use one’s skills to help others. An exchange that enriches both sides, that allows to make new friends and, above all, to travel far away.

Wokaway’s website creates a match between the skills of future travellers and the needs and requirements of the hosts. To become part of the Workaway community, it is necessary to fill in a profile. Then, with a bit of courage, commitment and spirit of adventure, get in touch with a host to plan a trip that will be unforgettable and unique.

A tour off the beaten track thanks to Withlocals™

Alternative Travels - Withlocals™

Alternative Travels – Withlocals™

If you want to discover a city in all its facets, to know the meeting places of the locals, to get away from the tourist flows and the too-crowded attractions, Withlocals™ is the right portal for you. By connecting travellers and local guides who are not necessarily professional, Withlocals™ allows you to experience a destination not as a simple tourist, but as a true native. This allows you to see beyond appearances and to get to know the nuances of a place, discovering its most authentic side.

In addition to guided tours, visitors have also the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the culture of the city. For example, you may taste the typical dishes prepared by the host families who open the doors of their homes to the travellers. Just indicate the destination and the number of people to get access to the list of the proposed activities. At that point, you will be spoiled for choice.

Cover Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash