If you’re never tired of discovering the world, but you also want to get off the beaten paths, here are 3 websites where to book your alternative travels. Between mysterious journeys, cultural immersions and adventures with the locals.

Blindfold Travel: A Journey To Be Discovered

Alternative Travels - Blindfold Travel

Alternative Travels – Blindfold Travel

If you are too busy with work to think about your next holiday, too undecided about where to go, too confused by the best deals, or just too lazy to plan your trip, you should rely on Blindfold Travel. This agency will take care of all your travel planning and it won’t even require you to make the effort to choose the destination, as it will surprise you by doing it for you. It may sound a bit crazy, but it is already something real.

Blindfold Travel offers a complete package with flights and overnight stays in a European city. The customer is only asked to choose the budget and fill out a questionnaire to indicate wishes and preferences. Blindfold Travel organises your holiday from the starting point to the end by providing all the useful information to travellers, who reach the airport completely unaware of their destination. Before leaving, a package containing the various directions arrives at home, and a series of numbered envelopes guide you step by step to the discovery of the journey as in a treasure hunt.

The only important elements to know are the departure date, time and some hints about what to bring with you; but it’s only shortly before leaving that boarding passes are sent by email. The surprises continue with other offers already included in the package, such as guided tours, museum tickets and many other activities. If you are already curious and want to find out more, you will be amazed!

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