As summer approaches, revellers are getting ready for the massive wave of festivals all around the world. Whether it is a weekend or an entire week, whether you like EDM or rock music, there is always a festival to suit each of your tastes. In celebration of this festival season, here are the best music festivals to look forward in 2018.


Sziget - 2018 Music Festivals

Sziget – 2018 Music Festivals

Taking place on Obudai, an island in the centre of Budapest, Sziget Festival offers a week-long festival centred on the “iPod generation”. Indeed, the festival and its 50 stages offer an extremely varied line-up, with anything from indie, dance, metal and gipsy music.

However, the festival has a lot more to offer than just music. The organisers described it as “an electronically amplified, warped amusement park that has nothing to do with reality”. If you want to take a break from the music, you have the choice between going on the Ferries Wheel, the Luminarium – which is a neon labyrinth – or even go bungee jumping.

Where: Budapest

When: 8-15 August 2018

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Tomorrowland - 2018 Music Festivals

Tomorrowland – 2018 Music Festivals

If you are into EDM, Tomorrowland is the one festival that should be on your bucket list. Not only because of the headliners, but also for the atmosphere and the full festival experience.

One of the special features of the festival is the effort put by organisers into the decorations and light shows for each of the 14 stages on site. Indeed, the festival is renowned for its impressive laser show and its artistic creations. Each year the site is transformed into a new magical and colourful world, from the stages to the gardens and Lake, including Dreamville, the camping site, with its crazy decorated tents.

To take a break from the massive crowds, you won’t find a better place than around the lakes: you can simply lay and relax under a tree, or rent a paddle boat and navigate along the stream of water.

Where: Boom, Belgium

When: 20-29 July 2018

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Fuji Rock Festival

Fuji Rock Festival - 2018 Music Festivals

Fuji Rock Festival – 2018 Music Festivals

Organised in the Japanese mountains, and surrounded by forests and rivers, Fuji Rock Festival is the perfect place to catch some internationally renowned rock band performing live on the main outdoor stage: The Green Stage.

However, do not spend all your time on the main stage, as you might miss some smaller yet more unique venues. Indeed, do not hesitate to explore the trail in the forest, which might lead you to a natural hot spring in which you can relax, or to an intimate gig with great local bands. Definitely recommended is the Dragondola: a cable car which takes you to the top of the mountain, offering an amazing view of the entire festival site and its surroundings.

Where: Naeba Ski Resort, Japan

When: 27-29 July 2018

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Hideout - 2018 Music Festivals

Hideout – 2018 Music Festivals

If you are looking for something different, Hideout will have everything you need. Ditch the muddy field and rainy England for the sunny Croatian Island of Pag. While the festival does not have the usual stages, it has open-air venues, along with boat and pool parties and performances on the beach, which keeps the genuine festival feel.

Indeed, Hideout is located in such a stunning location that it already sounds amazing without even mentioning the music. However, to top up the beautiful surroundings, the line-up is also worth the trip. With a mix of dance, hip-hop, soul and electro music, you will find yourself dancing until the early hours of the day.

Where: Novalia, Croatia

When: 25-29 June 2018

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Øya Festival

Øya Festival - 2018 Music Festivals

Øya Festival – 2018 Music Festivals

If you are looking for a festival where pop and electro music is mixed with metal and jazz, then you should definitely head to Norway with your tickets for Øya Festival. Held in a botanical garden, the stages are located at the bottom of green fields, offering an amphitheatre atmosphere, which allows everyone to have a great view of the artists on stage, but also to enjoy an amazing sound even from the back of the crowd.

Despite selling out early each year, Øya was designed to allow everyone to breathe and enjoy personal space. However, it does not mean that you will have to walk 30 minutes to go from stage to stage; no more than 5 minutes is needed, while still allowing you to rest your ears in the middle of the beautiful scenery.

Where: Oslo, Norway

When: 7-11 August 2018

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Sunburn Festival

Sunburn Festival - 2018 Music Festivals

Sunburn Festival – 2018 Music Festivals

If you want to discover West India and its beautiful beaches, but also enjoy the full festival experience and see international DJs live on stage; then Sunburn festival is the one for you. Asia’s biggest music festival is not only known for the music, but also for being a food and shopping destination, with yummy Indian specialities and colourful flea markets where you can find accessories, clothes or souvenirs from the festival.

It might not have as many stages as Sziget or Glastonbury, but its line-up is still very impressive, with international names such as Kygo, Martin Garrix and David Guetta coming to perform under the Indian sun.

Where: Vagator, Goa, India

When: To be decided

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