Historical heritage and cultural diversity are the engine of the creative spirit that Mexico boasts. From the giant heads of the Olmecs to the Baroque extravagances of the Spaniards; from the neat and essential lines of modern buildings to the particular skills of craftsmen. Contrasts are also expressed through the landscape: tropical beaches, rain forests, desert and volcanoes. Every corner is a surprise. Here are 15 reasons to immediately book your trip to Mexico.

Swim surrounded by tropical fishes in Cozumel island

Cozumel - 15 reasons to visit Mexico

Cozumel – 15 reasons to visit Mexico

Cancun residents, diving enthusiasts and cruise visitors arrive in Cozumel for a taste of the famous Palancar Reef’s beauties, one of the world’s leading snorkeling and diving spots. Experts can choose day trips to around 20 offshore sites. In the southwestern part of the island there’re the best beaches to swim, while the eastern coast is not recommended because of the strong currents. In the northern part, untouched, there is a late maya site, San Gervasio, with a temple dedicated to Ixchel, goddess of fertility. The island is reachable by ferry from Playa del Carmen and by cruise from Cancun.

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