10 small unknown villages to be discovered around Basilicata. Beyond the famous provincial capital, travelling across the region from North to South and from West to East permits to discover countless small pearls set in this landscape. So, let’s start a journey in Basilicata among semi-unknown villages whose architectural, urban and historical features promise to amaze. 

After a long past in the Italian tourist-cultural background, media have been talking more about Basilicata in the latest years, also thanks to a substantial movie campaign and mainly referring to the rediscovered Matera, the next European Capital of Culture. Other great places of interest have been the starting and arrival points of the famous Volo dell’Angelo (Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa); Maratea, the town overlooking a spectacular stretch of the Thyrrenian sea; the ghost village of Craco; Aliano with its typical Badlands, and the memories of writer Carlo Levi.

Going beyond these relatively known centres, let’s see what else a trip to Basilicata (decreed by the New York Times as the tourist destination not to be missed in 2018) can offer during a journey through 10 hamlets. 10 less-known centres that are able to fascinate with their simplicity, combined with breathtaking views, singular settings, historical features and traditions.

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