The 10 best safari in Kenya and Tanzania. Discovering the tourist formula that mixes comfort and adventurous spirit in a very skilful way.

The 10 best safari in Kenya and Tanzania

The 10 best safari in Kenya and Tanzania

«I know the sound of Africa, of the giraffe and of the African new moon lying down its back. Of the ploughmen and of the coffee harvesters’ sweaty faces…But does Africa know my deep, inner sound?». These few words from the best seller “Out of Africa” by Karen Blixen clearly define – just like in a movie still image – the perception of Africa which western culture has developed and that got stronger throughout the last centuries. We are actually talking about a metaphysical, exotic and mainly inaccessible ‘unconscious’ that safari, both in the past and nowadays, contributes to show and to increase.

Winning formula even in the mass tourism era, not only safari is immediately linked to Kenya and Tanzania, but it can be experienced both trough conventional and alternative paths.

Our virtual travel is going to start with Kenya, which has – accordingly to Tripadvisor and other very well-known tour operators – an undisputed record for safari, followed right away by Tanzania.

Kenya and safari. A winning pair awarded by the main international tour operators

Despite its size and the clear difference between eastern and western part, we higly recommend exploring Kenya during the “dry season” (from May to October), whereas is better avoiding it from March to July, during the “rainy season”, because of its torrential speed. That said, our list of the best Kenyan safari can finally start!

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